martes, 1 de junio de 2010

A letter for Piccola

Mom asked me to let her use this space to write a letter for Piccola, so she'll be the author of this post.

Dear Piccola:

It is so hard to write this letter, but it's been harder to make the decision that I'll explain to you next.
I remember the day you came to my life. It was just the right time, I was desperately seeking for a companion because I lost my last pet. The house felt so terribly lonely without a dog and I was telling everyone to help me find a chihuahua to adopt. Then you came. You were so tiny that you fitted completely in just one of my hands... yes, a month and a half month old chihuahua. It was love at first sight. From that moment on we were inseparable. I remember that, because you missed your doggie mom, I used to put you in my chest and sit in a rocking chair while listening to music from Enya. You loved that music and got asleep without any problem.
You were so smart from the beginning and always learned everything that I taught you so fast. The first thing you always did from the beginning was to every morning go to my bedroom door to wake me. Then you learned to climb up to my shoulders to ride there as if you were a parakeet; oh, that was always funny. And there was that time when I realized how brilliant you were. We were having the winds and rains of a hurricane, it was really scary. Your sister Melody got really scared, too, so scared that, instead of stay in the balcony where I prepared her a hiding place, she went running to the backyard before I could get her. I was calling her hysterically because it was too dangerous for anyone to be out (things were flying with the strong winds), but she didn't came. Then you came to me, looked at me and looked at the backyard. I told you: "Piccola, go get her, go get Melody and make her come inside the house". With a brave heart, you went into the rain and strong winds looking for Melody in the backyard. Then my heart stopped, because you didn't came back fast enough. Just when I was going to go after both of you, you came running from the backyard with Melody behind you. It was an amazing experience that showed me that animals understand much more than we humans think.
Even in your last years, been much older than the "appropriate" learning age for dogs, you continued to learn some tricks that I taught you, maybe not as fast, but you did learn them.
My dear sweetie, you have been my companion for 19 years. I want you to know that you have been the perfect pet, and that it makes me so sad to lose you. You have been ill for some time now and I know that you're suffering from various aches that make you uncomfortable and sad. I don't want you to suffer anymore and I don't want you to be in more pain. A pain that will only be more intensive from now on.
That's why today, we will have a trip. We will go to grandma's house so you can say hello to grandma, grandpa and the uncle. Then, grandma will take you on another trip to the Vet. He will help you ease your pains. He will give you a pass to go to a Rainbow Bridge. We both like rainbows, so you'll see it's a beautiful place. The Vet will give you something that will make you want to sleep, it's a peaceful sleep, so there's nothing to be afraid of. After that, only you will know what will happen, but I can assure you that you'll be pain free.
I can't be with you in that last journey, but I want you to know that the same way you have always been with me physically, you will always be in my heart and my memory, and I'll always cherish the years you dedicated to me and the unconditional love you gave me. My sweet-sweet Piccola, I will miss you very much and I will always love you.

7 comentarios:

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to a special doggie. Our thoughts & prayers will be wih you and your family as you make the journey.

  2. That's so beautiful. Piccola must be one very special furriend. Mom and I are purring for you all.

  3. Oh Piccola you are going to be very missed by your mom and everyone - we are so sad for your mom but we know that she is making this decision to help you not be sick anymore, and she is being very selfless to do so. We are sure you will meet a lot of great friends at the bridge, and you will be happy and healthy and you will keep watching your family here and sending them lots and lots of love. Your mom is doing the hard thing and we are sending her and your family lots of comforting purrs and hugs, and lots of purrs and prayers for you so that your journey to the bridge is a good one!

  4. Such a beautiful tribute. We know how hard this is and you're in our hearts and prayers. You've given Piccola and wonderful life and now you're giving her one last present.

  5. aw what a beautiful letter. you have our human crying.

  6. Piccola is in a much better place now; she's waiting for you to come to her when it's the right time.
    Jake the red tabby