viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Wild herb and seeds

One of the reasons that made Mom decided to fleece me was because my hair got all tangled and it caught all kinds of seeds, wild herbs and straws. Today was Liah's turn. The backyard was wild because my human brother couldn't cut the grass, there have been some rainy days that haven't let him do his work. As you can imagine, the wild herbs were really wild. Today, Liah decided to go to the backyard and have a little exercise running. But, in her paws she caught all the seeds of the grass. Look at that! Mom was horrified when she saw that! She began to pull all those seeds from Liah's fur, but it was almost impossible. So, she took the scissors and cut Liah's leg hairs that were tangled with the seeds. Liah was a little sad about her lost fur, but I told her not to worry, that it'll grow again soon. Mom says that now she has to take Liah to the groomer to fix that horrible haircut that she made.

Liah, before.

Don't tell Liah, but I think that she looks a little funny now- he, he.

Liah, after.

Ola, kala!

3 comentarios:

  1. Poor little puppy!! She does look a little funny (but still super cute!)

  2. owie - it must hurt to gets all those sticker picker thing out of your fur. Liah is so cute now tho.

  3. Ouch, I don't like DOG but I have to admit Liah is pretty cute.
    Jake the red tabby