domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

Tutorial: "How to Take a Nap", by Prince

Taking naps is a very serious matter to all cats.  We grow up to be masters of the nap-taking arts.  That's why, as a public service, I decided to develop my first tutorial with this theme in a few simple steps.

First, you have to feel tired and want to rest a little.
It's important to yawn.

Second, you need to find the perfect spot, wherever it is, even if it's in the bed or the top of the TV.

Third, it begins the napping process per se: stay still so the stress goes away.

Fourth, close your eyes slowly.

Fifth, let go of your body.

Sixth, move slowly until you find the perfect position.

Seventh, move periodically to maintain a balanced body temperature.

Eighth, if it's too cold you can make yourself into a donut.

Now, here are some examples of napping positions:

Fan-base position.

Cascading position.

Cross-paws position.

Stretch position.

Edward-scissor-hands position.
I hope this tutorial can serve you well.

Ola kala!

viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Piru: The House's Cook

Oh, today was a really hard day, I worked a lot!!!  What was I doing?  I was at the kitchen aaaaaalllllll day, cooking and cooking because my human brother and sisters were coming to dinner. Here's what I cooked:

Arroz con gandules (rice and green pigeon peas). Recipe:

I added a banana leaf for more flavor.

Roasted turkey with lots of garlic.  Mmm, delicious!

Potato salad with onions, apples and a lot more.

And for dessert: tembleque.  Recipe:

My family was all very happy with all the food.  Well, my work here is done, now it's time for a very well deserve nap.

Oh, I'm exhausted.

Ola kala!

viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Terrible News

Do you remember Tiger, the lost Boxer-mix dog that came to my house?
Apparently, he was lost or someone threw him near my house.  Well, Mom and The Other One, out of compassion, gave him food everyday until they could find Tiger's owners or a new owner for Tiger.

Yesterday, one of the neighbors was complaining about Tiger telling Mom that he was ruining her garden, but I didn't underestand, because she has a fence in front of her house.  Mom told her that she was looking for an owner for Tiger because we can't have him inside the patio.  That neighbor have said before that she doesn't like animals, any of them.

The terrible thing is that this morning, Tiger wasn't around, but Mom had to go to work, so she left.  This afternoon, The Other One was calling him and calling him, but he never came.  She asked one of the neighbors and he told her that he thought that someone wanted the dog and, maybe, they took him.  But she said she can't believe what he's telling her.  Mom went to the neighbor that was complaining and she told Mom that she doesn't know anything about Tiger.  The thing is that, she has a party tonight.  Is it only a coincidence that the dog disappeared the night before her party?  I don't think so!!!  The Other One thinks that one of the neighbors- maybe that one- took the dog and threw him anywhere else, far away from here.  She was devastated and weeping a lot.

I think that everyone has the right to like or dislike animals, it's a personal choice.  But it's not the same to dislike something and to HATE  something.  Only a person that hates animals can do such a terrible thing like take an animal that isn't yours and threw him away. 

I wish we can find out what really happened with Tiger and help him someway, but I doubt that any of the neighbors will tell the truth.  One of The Other One's friend told her that the person that did that will have a bad karma for what he did.  I don't really know if that can be truth, but I sure hope he or she can realize that it was a terrible thing to do and be sorry for his actions.

jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

We Are Cats

It is true that I'm a little different from other cats around my house in some ways.  First, I have a special Mom that works very hard to make me happy- or almost happy, you know I love to hang out free wherever I want-, and that she loves me and my sibblings very much.  That's why she worked so hard to make us a fun park to be comfortable.  I'm also special because I can write a blog and communicate with friends all around the world; neither of my neighbors' pets can do that.  And, of course, I'm very special because I'm very much more handsome than anyone around here, and that's my humble opinion.  But, all that uniqueness doesn't refrain me, or my brother Prince, to do the things that cats normally do.  Prince, as my asistant, will show you an example.  Here's a video of him enjoying himself while playing with a laser beam.  I hope you like it, too. 

What normal cat-like things do you like to do?  Please comment.

Ola kala!

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Reading Is Not Just For Dummies

The Other One has a new iPod, so she gave Prince her old one.  Prince was thrilled, but he did not understand quite well how to use it.  So, he ordered online a book with instructions to use it.  I thought it was a dummy decision, because it was a book for dummies.  JOJOJO, how I laughed when it came on the mail!  But, Prince sat down and read all that, now he says he's an expert.  Me?  I told him I don't need a dummy book to learn anything, do I? 

But, I have a confession to make: without Prince's permission, I took the book and read it myself.  I have to admit that it's quite good and easy to understand.  I guess that, after all, you should read to learn about the issues that interest you, even if it's as simple as how to use an iPod or something more deep.  Reading is not just for dummies, is for everyone.  I wonder what my friends like to read about.  Please comment.  

Prince fell asleep reading his book.

He loves his iPod.
Ola kala!

sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Cousin Melo, from Texas

As I told you, all my loyal readers, Mom was in Texas visiting one of my human brothers.  He has a cat, too: Melo.  His name sounds somewhat like the word "mellow", and it's approppriate because his catonality is like that, he's sweet and affectionate.  That doesn't help my cause because, inevitably, Mom did some comparisons.  You know I'm a sweet boy and I like to be near Mom... sometimes.  I like to be stroke only on my head, not the rest of the body, and I hate to be combed.  Melo LOOOOOOVEEEEESSSS  to be stroke alllllllll over his body, LOOOOOOVEEEEESSSS to be combed alllllll over his body and LOOOOOOVEEEEESSSS to be with people all the time.  He meaws for all that and insist to be the center of attention at every minute.  How can he be like that?  It's obsessive!  Now, Mom is telling me that I should be more like Melo and let her comb me and cuddle me all she wants.  NO, I REFUSE TO BE LIKE THAT!  I love Mom, but I have to draw a line.

Well, anyway, I have to admit that Melo is a cute guy.  Here he is:

Hi, I'm cousin Melo.

I love to be with people, give and receive love all the time.  Isn't that the best?

In Mom's visit to Texas, she went to San Antonio, and she loved it there.  The place she loved most was the River Walk area.  Here are some pics she took:

Oh, I would like to go to Texas sometime and visit Melo.  But I don't think I'd go to the River Walk, too much water there.

Ola kala!