sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Cousin Melo, from Texas

As I told you, all my loyal readers, Mom was in Texas visiting one of my human brothers.  He has a cat, too: Melo.  His name sounds somewhat like the word "mellow", and it's approppriate because his catonality is like that, he's sweet and affectionate.  That doesn't help my cause because, inevitably, Mom did some comparisons.  You know I'm a sweet boy and I like to be near Mom... sometimes.  I like to be stroke only on my head, not the rest of the body, and I hate to be combed.  Melo LOOOOOOVEEEEESSSS  to be stroke alllllllll over his body, LOOOOOOVEEEEESSSS to be combed alllllll over his body and LOOOOOOVEEEEESSSS to be with people all the time.  He meaws for all that and insist to be the center of attention at every minute.  How can he be like that?  It's obsessive!  Now, Mom is telling me that I should be more like Melo and let her comb me and cuddle me all she wants.  NO, I REFUSE TO BE LIKE THAT!  I love Mom, but I have to draw a line.

Well, anyway, I have to admit that Melo is a cute guy.  Here he is:

Hi, I'm cousin Melo.

I love to be with people, give and receive love all the time.  Isn't that the best?

In Mom's visit to Texas, she went to San Antonio, and she loved it there.  The place she loved most was the River Walk area.  Here are some pics she took:

Oh, I would like to go to Texas sometime and visit Melo.  But I don't think I'd go to the River Walk, too much water there.

Ola kala!

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  1. The River Walk does look lovely, doesn't it? Cousin Melo may like to be petted and cuddled, but let's face it, he's not as beautiful as you are so he has to be more affectionate to make up for that. Don't you think?

  2. That river walk looks beautiful!!!

    You stay the way you are, I know you are super affectionate in your own way!

  3. Don't worry about Melo's purrsonality being different from yours! You are just how you are supposed to be!

  4. We thinks that River Walk is interesting!

    Hey! We likes you for you! You are special you know! You are perfect the way you are