jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

We Are Cats

It is true that I'm a little different from other cats around my house in some ways.  First, I have a special Mom that works very hard to make me happy- or almost happy, you know I love to hang out free wherever I want-, and that she loves me and my sibblings very much.  That's why she worked so hard to make us a fun park to be comfortable.  I'm also special because I can write a blog and communicate with friends all around the world; neither of my neighbors' pets can do that.  And, of course, I'm very special because I'm very much more handsome than anyone around here, and that's my humble opinion.  But, all that uniqueness doesn't refrain me, or my brother Prince, to do the things that cats normally do.  Prince, as my asistant, will show you an example.  Here's a video of him enjoying himself while playing with a laser beam.  I hope you like it, too. 

What normal cat-like things do you like to do?  Please comment.

Ola kala!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi Pirulo! We think it is great that while you are special you are still down to earth enough to do normal cat stuff too! That is a great video of Prince playing with the beam! We like to do normal cat stuff like that too - and we also like to chase mousie toys and stuff like that!

  2. Your brother Prince is pretty talented with that laser!

    My favorite "normal" cat things to do? I would have to say EAT....followed by sleeping....oh of course don't forget batting my mousies around!

  3. Piru,
    My special thing to do is to greet my human when she gets home from work and go straight to the refrigerator and wait for my stinky goodness....
    Jake the red tabby