miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Guardian Cat

Ola kala!

domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

Our Realm

We have taken over Mom's bed.
Ola kala!

sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

An Intruder

There's an intruder at the front of my house.  It's a dog!  Apparently he's a Boxer, a young one I can see.  He just appeared here a few days ago and looked at Mom with sad eyes and she ran to give him water and some food.  Now, she's gone, but he's not.  So, the work is for The Other One.  I have to admit that the guy is really friendly; The Other One talks to him and he seems to melt in front of her.  I know she'd love to take him in, she's even calling him already by a name, Tiger, but he barks at Prince and me, so, the idea is eliminated.  What she did today was entering to all the online services for lost and found animals and put his picture there.  I hope she can find his family.  Tiger seems like a good guy.  We'll see...

Ola kala!

viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

Have you missed me?

Hello, my friends.  I've been away on a forced vacation.  Everything is all right, don't worry.  It's only that, Mom and The Other One have been so busy that neither have had the decency of lending me their computers.  That's why I keep telling Mom that I should have my own computer.  Don't you think?  Or, she can buy me an iPad, I'm not really that demanding.  I think that, an iPad will be even better and more easy to use with my paws.  I can do like this guy:

Anyway, let's hope Mom brings me one from Texas.  Yes, she left me and went to visit my human brother that lives there.  Don't worry for me, The Other One, The Guy and my human sisters are taking care of me.  But now that Mom's away, I'll have her computer all for myself and so I can catch up with my friends blogs and post about the finished Ultimate FunPark.  Keep in touch!

Ola kala!

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Virtual Community: Worldwide Friendship

A community is a group of individuals that have common interests.  Originally, they were people that live near, but, with the Internet, a community can live worldwide (virtual community).  This is the case of us anipals.  We live in different countries, but we are virtual neighbors that care and look out for each other.  That is what's happening with my dear friend Iñigo Flufflebum.  Iñigo lives almost half the World away from me, but my heart is right there with him.  He also has the hearts of many other members of our furry community from other countries.  Why?  Because he's sick and the possibility of crossing the RB has been mentioned; that's devastating for all of us.  The Other One was reading Iñigo's update and got leaky eyes.  A friend told her that she shouldn't feel sorry for a cat that lives sooooo far away.  Apparently, that insensitive human doesn't understand the concept of virtual community where distance between bodies can be big, but there's no distance between hearts. 
So, even if I'm at the other side of the World, I'm purrrring and purrrring and meawing happy love and energy for my dear friend Iñigo; for him to feel better and for his family to be strong for him.  We love you, Iñigo, never forget that.
Please, visit Iñigo's blog and leave a comment for him to feel the love.

Ola kala!