viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Wag-wag, happy tail: Prince

Prince and I like to spend some time in The Other One's apartment. I like to sleep on her bed, well, on her pillows to be more exact.

Prince goes every morning and meows until she gives him wet food and some prawns. Then, he shows her some love: he throws kisses at her and let her pet him.

Today, he was in a specially good mood and even sat at her side at the sofa waging his tail. No wonder Mom calls him "the romantic cat"! Here's proof.

Ola kala!

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

An extension of the fun park

Mom is in denial: she thinks that I like to be confined to the so called fun park (jail, really). That's why she continues to make extensions to it thinking that I'm going to feel more comfortable. This time she and The Other One planned and designed an area for Prince and me with dirt and grass on the floor. I have to admit that it was a nice try, but I still prefer to be free to hang out wherever I want. Mom and The Other One like to put names to the extensions of the fun park. The first three areas were: "the master room"(with bath of course), "the first balcony and dining room" and the second balcony. The new extension is called "the cat-wash". Is that related somehow to water? Maybe, because it has an area where we can get wet if it rains, but at least we can get some sunbathing, too. Anyway, here's the new cat-wash and some movies about our first impression when we explored it.

The cat-wash.

Mom bought the cage, but she and The Other One made the cat-wash.

At least, there's enough space for Prince and me.

I miss my free hang out days.

Now, here are two videos of me and Prince exploring the cat-wash:

Tell me, will you be happy in a fun park like mine?
Ola kala!

martes, 27 de julio de 2010

An update on "Save a Gato"

Last July 9, 2010, I wrote a post about the organization Save a Gato, in Puerto Rico, that implement Trap/Neuter/Return cats that live on the streets of the Old San Juan. Well, they were participating in a competition in Facebook to win money in a charity. Well, guess what? They made to the top 200 and won $20,000.00! Wow, that's a lot of money! If you haven't visit their webpage here's the link, and their Facebook link.

lunes, 26 de julio de 2010


Today my human sisters were visiting us. They are physical therapists and know how to give REALLY GOOD massages. I was telling them how stressed I've been lately, since the moving. There have been many stressful events in just less than two months: the moving, the lack of freedom and returning to be confined to a "fun-park" (jail, really), a construction at the house that changed Mom's mood for a while and her gone away vacation. Oh, I don't know how I still have my normal mind! The thing is that one of my human sisters touched me and noticed that I'm stressed, so she gave me a massage that kept me by her side for almost half an hour.

Ohhhhhh, it felt really goooooood.

I left really relaxed and happy. She prescribed at least three massages per week. I think that it's not enough and that Mom should hire a therapist to be with me at least three hours a day. Do you like massages?

Ola kala!

domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Power and Beauty

People can learn a lot from nature. Many different things coexist in nature creating a balance of forces and beauty. Our earth is like a big body: everything and everyone needs everything and everyone else. Nothing is absolutely isolated.

Intense movement, gentle stillness.

The Other One took this beautiful pic at Niagara Falls. You can see that delicate flower and at the back is one of the falls; water falling with such power that amazes everyone. How can this little and fragile flower can live at the side of a fountain of such strong forces?

Ola kala!

martes, 20 de julio de 2010

New York, New York

As you know, Mom was in New York last week. She was visiting some family and taking some pet-free time (I don't know what that means). Anyway, she took LOTS of pics and I want to share some with you.

First, she went to Buffalo to visit her brother. Did you know that there was an area in the airport for animals to do their "business"?

That's a great idea!

While she was there, she visited the Niagara Falls.

Great view!

And, did you know that the Rainbow Bridge is right there? Well, not the RB that Piccola crossed last month, but the one that you have to cross to get to Canada.

She remembered Piccola. Oh, tears!

Then, she took another airplane and got to another part of New York to visit her cousin; she stayed with Sunshine and his humans in Staten Island.
I'd like a window like that.
Sunshine lives in an apartment and
doesn't have a yard to hang out;
I'm sorry for Sunshine.

Mom also went to Brooklyn, where she was born.

She visited some museums like the Metropolitan Museum of art.
There, she saw an Egyptian statue that seems to be like a giant cat.

She also went to MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art.

And, of course, she went to the New York Public Library.

She took a boat and went to see the Statue of Liberty.

And went to the Museum of Immigration in Ellis Island.

Wow, that was a full schedule, don't you think?

Ola kala!

lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Mom's back

Yep, Mom's finaly home. What a relief! Mom was hoping for a big reception. My sister Liah did that for all of us. I just walked by her when she got home. She called me and I just kept walking. She was furious- jo, jo. Anyway, I'm glad she's back, now I can sleep in her bed again.

That intruder, Prince is taking my space.

Ola kala!

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010


I have good news: I have a cousin in New York. I'm so excited! Mom is in New York, she's visiting her brother and her cousin. The cousin have a cat (Mom says he's beautiful), he's name is Sunshine.

My dad says I'm a lion.

He loves catnip and to play with his "flying" thingy.

Take care, Sunshine, I hope I can visit you sometime.

Ola kala!

viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Save a Gato

Save a Gato is an organization here, in Puerto Rico, that implement Trap/Neuter/Return cats that live on the streets of the Old San Juan. They are not a shelter, but with the TNR they are helping to control the population of feral cats in this beautiful capital of Puerto Rico. Their website- - explains their work. This is another website that explains the Save a Gato work: Please, visit those websites and read about their work. You can even vote for them so they can win $20,000.00, if you have Facebook.

Ola kala!

Happy medium

I got to a happy medium with Mom: she asked The Guy (her friend that is taking care of us while she's gone) to help me communicate with her through the Internet. I may not write everyday, but I don't have to wait until she comes back. And talking about it. Just the day Mom left, I received the gift basket from Schmitty The Real New Yorkie that I won at The Anipal Times raffle. Now I have to wait until Mom comes back to open it.
And talking about The Anipal Times, I learned that my dear twin, Cokie the Cat, is having some health problems. That makes me really sad, so I want to send him healing headbumps and loving purrrrssss, and I would like to ask my readers to do that, too. Please, write to Cokie and send him your love: ,

martes, 6 de julio de 2010

I'm furious!

I'm so furious that I could pee on all the furniture around here. There's a big reason. You know that Mom will be away for a few days. Well, do you know what? She's taking the computer with her! Can you believe? So, not only she's not going to be around to help me with my blog, she'll take my computer away. And, whose idea was it? From the other one. There's no justice in this world. So, starting tomorrow I'll be cut off for a few days. Maybe tomorrow I'll put a little note before Mom is gone.

Ola kala!

lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Mom returns... Should I dance or nap?

Mom returns today. YAY!!! I think I'll make a happy dance (sorry it's a little dark):

Well, maybe I'll nap before and dance a little later. Anyway, I'm waiting for you, Mom.

Ola kala!

domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Guide to cats

I found this really funny video on YouTube. It's "An Engineer's Guide to Cats".

sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

Where's Mom?

Mom's gone, yep, she went for a weekend on a little vacation with her human daughters. She left us with The Other One, but I already miss her.

I lied down on her pillows searching for her smell.

Soon, she will be gone again, that time she'll be out in an airplane; The Other One goes, too. So, we all will be left with a pet-sitter, a friend of Mom's. He's nice and all, and he knows all of us very well. But, I need to be with my Mom. Do you miss your parents when they're on vacation?

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Soccer cats

Who said cats can't play soccer? Watch this video.