sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

Where's Mom?

Mom's gone, yep, she went for a weekend on a little vacation with her human daughters. She left us with The Other One, but I already miss her.

I lied down on her pillows searching for her smell.

Soon, she will be gone again, that time she'll be out in an airplane; The Other One goes, too. So, we all will be left with a pet-sitter, a friend of Mom's. He's nice and all, and he knows all of us very well. But, I need to be with my Mom. Do you miss your parents when they're on vacation?

3 comentarios:

  1. Oh yes! When my mom goes away for a few days I pine away. I hope your mom returns quickly for your sake and when she goes away again I hope she isn't gone very long.

  2. I duz miss mai purrson when Her goes away, an Iz sorry you gonna miss your mom.

  3. I miss Mom when she's at work all day, so I think if she went away I'd miss her something terrible. Try not to be too sad. She'll come home.