viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Happy medium

I got to a happy medium with Mom: she asked The Guy (her friend that is taking care of us while she's gone) to help me communicate with her through the Internet. I may not write everyday, but I don't have to wait until she comes back. And talking about it. Just the day Mom left, I received the gift basket from Schmitty The Real New Yorkie that I won at The Anipal Times raffle. Now I have to wait until Mom comes back to open it.
And talking about The Anipal Times, I learned that my dear twin, Cokie the Cat, is having some health problems. That makes me really sad, so I want to send him healing headbumps and loving purrrrssss, and I would like to ask my readers to do that, too. Please, write to Cokie and send him your love: ,

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