viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Wag-wag, happy tail: Prince

Prince and I like to spend some time in The Other One's apartment. I like to sleep on her bed, well, on her pillows to be more exact.

Prince goes every morning and meows until she gives him wet food and some prawns. Then, he shows her some love: he throws kisses at her and let her pet him.

Today, he was in a specially good mood and even sat at her side at the sofa waging his tail. No wonder Mom calls him "the romantic cat"! Here's proof.

Ola kala!

4 comentarios:

  1. Aw it is sweet that you both go visit her! And you are both such cuties, we are sure she enjoys it. But Pirulo, we hope you get some treats too - Prince is very cute and deserves them, but you do too!!

  2. What a sweetie dat Prince is - but den you are too dear friend. So very nice of you to go visit her.

  3. Prince is real cute! I like to do that ... putting the bitey on my mom's hand.