domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

Prince's Life: The Memory of a Beautiful Cat

The Other One here.  If you're reading this post you probably know about the lost of our beloved Prince Pinchi.  We are devastated about his death and our eyes haven't stop leaking since this morning.  Here's the story.

Prince used to sleep outside in his fun-park, but last night, it was raining and very windy, so he decided (well, his Mom decided it for him) to sleep inside the house.  About at 4:00 AM, Prince started meawing for his wet food, so the Mom woke up and gave him what he wanted.  A few minutes later, I heard someone coughing and, inmediately, the Mom calling me telling that something was happening to Prince.  I went inmediately next to him, called him and touched his chest.  At that moment he stopped his cough and his breathing.  I shaked him a little, touched his face and grabbed his front leg, but nothing happened.  Then the Mom told me to put some alcohol in front of his nose and I did that, too, but nothing happened either.  He was gone and we were there looking at him speechless.  Then began the crying.

Our dear Prince did honor his name.  Since he came to the house after Pirulo, he couldn't be the king until Piru died, but that didn't stop him to develop a very strong and complex "catonality". 
Stop taking photos of me!  I'm trying to take a nap!
We was strong, a fighter, a hunter and, as I used to call him, "a Houdini cat".  He was a fighter because he didn't wanted any other cats near the house.  Once, another cat came to fight with Piru, but Prince went out and put the other cat to run.  He was a hunter because there wasn't any mouse or lizard that he couldn't catch.  And he was a Houdini cat because every fun-park that we build had to be Prince-proof or he would find any tiny gap or crack to escape and go hang-out the rest of the night.  All this characteristics made him be a very independent cat; he was always alone, always by himself, coming to us only for food and letting us stroke him just a little every now and then.

Do I look sweet of what?

But, after Piru's death, Prince became more social and sweet with us.  One night, I was determined to make friends with him, so I insisted until I teach him how to eat from my hand.  That meant he put the bitey on me a few times, but it was worthed because then he loved to eat his prawns out of our hands. 
If I can't use the computer, then anyone can't use it either.

Just checking there are any prawns lost around here.

Prince began to spend more time inside the house, meawing more and, for the first time, we heard him purring.  I remember I called the Mom and said that Prince was purring, she couldn't believe it.  With the time, he became more closed to us. 

Oh, I'm really comfortable here.

I remember the first time he sat on my feet, the first time he licked my hand, when he sat on my lap and the first time he slept by my side at my bed.  Of course, he did all that with the Mom, too.

We really don't know what happened to him last night, we think it was his little heart.  But, we are sure of something, he was too young to die and we will miss him everyday, as we miss Pirulo.  We'll miss his company, his strokes, his beautiful eyes and even when he put the bitey on us. 

Prince Pinchi: 2004- December, 2011

Good bye, sweet Prince Pinchi, we love you.