viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Terrible News

Do you remember Tiger, the lost Boxer-mix dog that came to my house?
Apparently, he was lost or someone threw him near my house.  Well, Mom and The Other One, out of compassion, gave him food everyday until they could find Tiger's owners or a new owner for Tiger.

Yesterday, one of the neighbors was complaining about Tiger telling Mom that he was ruining her garden, but I didn't underestand, because she has a fence in front of her house.  Mom told her that she was looking for an owner for Tiger because we can't have him inside the patio.  That neighbor have said before that she doesn't like animals, any of them.

The terrible thing is that this morning, Tiger wasn't around, but Mom had to go to work, so she left.  This afternoon, The Other One was calling him and calling him, but he never came.  She asked one of the neighbors and he told her that he thought that someone wanted the dog and, maybe, they took him.  But she said she can't believe what he's telling her.  Mom went to the neighbor that was complaining and she told Mom that she doesn't know anything about Tiger.  The thing is that, she has a party tonight.  Is it only a coincidence that the dog disappeared the night before her party?  I don't think so!!!  The Other One thinks that one of the neighbors- maybe that one- took the dog and threw him anywhere else, far away from here.  She was devastated and weeping a lot.

I think that everyone has the right to like or dislike animals, it's a personal choice.  But it's not the same to dislike something and to HATE  something.  Only a person that hates animals can do such a terrible thing like take an animal that isn't yours and threw him away. 

I wish we can find out what really happened with Tiger and help him someway, but I doubt that any of the neighbors will tell the truth.  One of The Other One's friend told her that the person that did that will have a bad karma for what he did.  I don't really know if that can be truth, but I sure hope he or she can realize that it was a terrible thing to do and be sorry for his actions.

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  1. This is very sad; I wish your mom could get some closure and at least know what actually happened to Tiger. I agree with The Other One's friend, however-what goes around, comes around.

  2. That is so very sad,I am so very sorry to hear that about Tiger. Purrs and hugs to you and your Mom.

  3. I am disgusted by people that could do things like that to an animal, I hope that karma gets the neighbor.

    Your mummy is so very kind for taking care of Tiger and worring about him.

  4. What a horrid thing to do. We respect a human's right to hate anipals too (although we can't understand people like that), but it's another thing to be cruel. M's mom & dad used to live in the country, and two different times people just drove by and dropped off animals they didn't want anymore. One was a doggie & the other an adult cat. Grandpa and Grandma kept dem and fed them until they passed on of old age. You has a very good hearted mama for taking care of dat doggie and trying her best with it. I'm hissing at your mean neighbors. hisssssssssssssss

  5. That iz rilly sad an I'm so sorry it maded your mom cry. I agrees wiv karma but that duzn't make it any easier today. *softpaw*

  6. I'm so sorry Piru....Hope Tiger will find a loving home whereever he may be.
    Jake the red tabby

  7. Piru I hope to God that Tiger comes back. I hope that this evil person gets so much bad Kharma that they suffer in their spirit A LOT.

    I hope that Tiger is under Go'd protection