domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

Yes, we are moving...

It's confirmed: we are moving back to Mom's house. It's the house that I grew up. I don't remember that much about it, but I think that, when we get back the smells will help my memory. Anyway, I noticed some strange movements in the house and I consulted it with my furry siblings; they noticed the same things as me. So I decided to inspect the works. To my surprise, one of the first things to get down was my fun-park. It's all just junk now. I'm not worry or sad because that means that I can be out AAAAALLLLLLLL day. Yes! All day to hang out and take naps wherever I please. It's been some days now that I'm out from 4:00 A.M., when I knock at Mom's bedroom door to ask her to let me go out, until 10:00 P.M., when Mom gets me and throw me inside the house. I don't know why, because I can sleep out during the night, too. Mom has been telling me to enjoy myself these days because she's constructing a new fun-park for me and Prince at the house. But the truth is that I like to live here and I don't want to move. I told her that I'm staying here, but she told me that I'll move with her. What do you think? Should I stay here, Momless, but free to walk wherever I want, or should I go with her, where I'll be confine to the new fun-park? Tell me your opinions, please.

3 comentarios:

  1. I'm sorry you're moving and you don't want to, but you should stay with your mom. I think you'd be to lonesome without her to take care of you. And you'd have to find your own food. But mostly, because I think both you and your mom would be too sad without each other.

  2. Oh we definitely think you should go with your mom! She had a hard time with loosing Piccola and it would just be awful for her not to have you around for comfort after that plus a move! You need to take care of her that is for sure! Plus, it is very hard for a cat to be on their own after they have lived with a mom to take good care of them - we have read some terrible stories about it - believe us you don't want to go through all that! We bet you will really like your new house, and new fun park! And think of all the fun you will have exploring!!

  3. You need to move with your meal ticket, I mean your Mom. It's not easy living out on the streets. I know from experience.