jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Gradually, back to normal

Things are getting back to normal at home after Piccola's journey through the RB. Mom has been cleaning and re-arranging the office, it's where Piccola used to sleep; now, Kala sleeps alone there. We are moving this month back to Mom's house (now we are renting this house). So, working a lot is helping Mom with the sadness.
On a funny note:
Mom has been working and dealing with so many things these days that she's a little absentminded, I think. The other day, my human sisters where here and, when they and Mom get together they talk A LOT. So, they were talking and Mom wanted to drink from a bottle of water she had near. But, instead of taking the bottle of water, she took a bottle of rubbing alcohol that was besides the water. When she drank it, immediately spited it out and my sisters began to laugh and make jokes about Mom. Later, they continued with their conversation and Mom was going to give Liah her antibiotic pill. At that same moment, one of the girls told Mom to remember to take her pill. So, Mom, instantly put Liah's pill in her mouth. Thanks God, a second later she realized the error and spited the pill. Again, the girls began to make jokes and Mom was laughing, too. When they left told Mom to try not to make herself ill drinking or taking other's pills. Mom laughed.

Now, I'm watching Mom so she behaves properly.

Ola kala!

4 comentarios:

  1. BOL! I'm glad things are lightening up a little and getting back to "normal"...even if "normal" means your mom drinking rubbing alcohol and taking dog pills! (Sounds like your mom could use a spa day to just relax and get back to good.)

  2. Your poor mom is absentminded because she is till grieving and has so much on her mind. It's good you can laugh at those things - laughter is good. It's also good she realized her mistake with the medicines. LOL

  3. Oh dear... you are good to look after your mummy, she's going through a hard time. We do keep purring for you all.

  4. Oh Pirulo we know your mom is still sad but it is so good she has things to keep her busy. That will help her a lot. And it is bad that she is absentminded but it is good that she can laugh about it!

    Have a wonderful weekend - and keep a close eye on your mom!