lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

I have a confession to make...

As you know, I don't have a fun park anymore, so I am free as the wind. I wake up Mom at 4:00 a.m. and off I go all day until she puts me inside against my will, at 10:00 p.m. I am tired she puts me to sleep as if I were a human kid. Does she don't know that cats like to hang out preferably at night time? Does she don't know me at all? I've been with her eight years, so she should know my likes and dislikes, don't you think?
Well, because I wanted to stay up all night I and she didn't let me, I got naughty and misbehave: I peed on Mom's new sofa. That should teach her to respect my wishes.

The smell is so awful even I can't stand it.

When she noticed it, she got furious. She used some cleaners trying to take the smell away and then put a fan directly at it to dry it. I heard her say: "tonight I'm gonna let him stay out all night, if he gets loss or something happens to him, that's his problem". "I am tired of him, everytime we put him inside the house without his approval he does the same thing, but this time is worse because its a new sofa". "He should be grateful that I care about him, and that is why I put him inside the house, I am only protecting him". "Enough is enough, today he will have his wishes fulfill, he will be out 24 hours a day until we move".

Wow, that was harsh. I heard her fighting and I stayed close by but far enough so she won't see me. Who knows, what she will do to me if I get too close.

If I don't post anymore on my blog two things may be the reasons: we move and I don't have access to my computer or that I really got lost. So my dear friends, hope for the best. Bye.

5 comentarios:

  1. *shakes head* Piru, you should not pee on the sofa. Maybe you peed on it because it was new and you wanted to make it smell more like home? BOL! ;)

  2. Pirulo we know you want to be outside but you have to understand that your mom is just trying to give you a good home! And she is probably even more upset then normal right now because she is upset and stressed out with everything going on. She doesn't want you to get lost she is just so frustrated that everything is happening all at one time! We hope you don't get lost, and that you have computer access at your new house and that you learn to understand why your mom is keeping you in at night! It made us sad to think we might not see you anymore! We hope you will all be ok - we know your mom still loves you - you should listen to her!!

  3. Oh my friend... that is not a good plan, the sofas are our friend!

    We hope you come home now buddy, we bet your mummy is missing you.

  4. Oh dear - now i is going to have to worry bout you until you return (who knows how long dat will be). I do hope you be okay. You'd better apologize to your mom real quick. Purr extra ound to her and give her head bumps.