lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

The Ultimate Funpark

Yes, as you hear it (or read it), I'm going to have the ultimate funpark. The biggest and the most expensive (at least that's what Mom have been telling me). She hired a man to construct an area with a roof and a fence so I can be there, see everyone passing by but can't go out. That's the detail I don't like, as you know, I looooooove to hang out, and I mean, really out. Anyway, her intentions are good, even though, the area is not only for me, there would be a laundry and a big closet (I love closets, too).

This is the area, it's next to my actual funpark.

In that space it used to be a palm tree where I scratched my nails every morning. Oh, I'm going to miss that tree. Mom saved a piece of log to built me a cat tree; we'll see.

Meanwhile, there have been some inconveniences for me and Prince. For example, a lot of noises that interrupt my daily naps, a lot of dust and I have more work as the inspector of the house that I am.

The man made this big hole to do something with the plumbing. I'm inspecting his work.

It seems like he's doing a good job.

This inspecting thing make me really tired, I better go now and take a nap.

Another thing that is bothering me is that they have taken MY FUNPARK as a warehouse. I have no space! Here's proof.

Look at all those things, I can't walk there.

And the inside is worst. There's not even space for my litter box.

So, I thought that, until the construction is finished, I'll move to another house. Do you, any of my friends, have a little space to share with me and Prince. We are easy going pals. There are just a few little things that need to be known.

We only need:
1. Various places to nap during the day including every bed in the house, couches and chairs.
2. Access to windows to see outside.
3. Access to every door and drawer to check what's inside.
4. At least 8 meals a day of my diet brand (Mom says it's expensive, but nothing is too expensive if it's going to help me maintain my handsomeness and huskyness). A different brand for Prince, he'll eat anything.
5. Permission to go outside to hang out and someone ready to open the door for us whenever we want to come back inside at any time of the day or night.
6. Prawns given to us by hand right into our mouth.
7. Someone to stroke our head at least 10 times a day. Remember not to touch any other part of the body or a bitey will be given.
8. A bedroom with air conditioning, a bed and fluffy pillows.
9. No trips to the Vet and no trips in the car.
10. No snappy dogs, if they get along well with us its ok, they can stay.

Did you see? We're not too demanding, are we?
We'll accept this or a better offer.

So, who will have the privilege to take care of us?

Ola kala!

5 comentarios:

  1. Well, you can hang out here with me. We can meet all of your demands except for the freedom to come and go. We even has noisy workmen handing around here too, so you'd feel right at home.

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  3. You can come hang out at our place Piru. You'd have three other cats to play with who'd love to show you every drawer to play in and bed to nap on,and everybody gets their own food,and then just has to eat the other guys! You would have to stay in the house though because of the coyotes!

    Bet you're gonna love your new funpark when it's done!!

  4. You can stay with me, Piru! Though you will have to put up with the Debil Kittehs trying to play with you...but we have a cat door so you can go in and out as much as you like! Well, except at night, Girl locks us all in for safety from wild animals. And our Corgi Ein has no manners but he does love cats, sometimes a little too much...but you can get away from him by hanging out on the giant cat tree in the living room. And the kitties eat salmon and venison every meal! I'll go get your room ready!

  5. All offers are great! Thank you Mario, Dolly and Max. I'll start packing.