viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Family Fridays: Prince (again)

Last Friday, I was complaining about Mom's petition to share MY BLOG with Prince. I thought my friends would back me up on this, but it was the other way. Some of you liked Prince so much that you asked for a day every week for Prince. I couldn't believe it! But Mom and The Other One liked the idea and talked me into it. So, from now on, Fridays will be "Family Fridays", (and my day off). Every week, one member of my family will have the opportunity to write about himself and post some pics. But, since it's MY BLOG, I'll retain the right to edit every entry- in case someone try to write something negative about me. So, now, I'll leave you with my brother Prince.

Hi, I'm Prince. I'm 6 years old. I'm not as fat as Piru...
- "I'm not fat, I'm husky!"
Anyway, I used to be very athletic and thin, but since Mom doesn't allow us to go out all the time, I sleep aaaaaalllllll day and I have develop a little round belly.

It seems bigger here, but it's jut the angle of the camera.

I'm the one who lives under the shadow of my famous brother, Piru. Yes, I don't get the attention he gets and all the purrrings and nosetaps from his friends around the world. Everybody always say how handsome Piru is, how beautiful, how this, how that... pfffft! But, I'm not jealous, no, I'm not. Do you know why? Because, in real life I'm the romantic one and I have other characteristics of my catonality that makes Mom love me, too.

As I told you before, I'm the romantic one. Can you resist this face?

I'm the strong one.

I'm, also, the most brave. I'm the one that defends the house from other cats; those intruders run away like crazy when they see how ferocious I get when they invade my territory. Maybe, because of that, I also get the fame to be the most grumpy, but that's not true.

I'm a sweet boy that loves to give Mom headbumps and meaws for prawns, specially to The Other One, because she gives them to me directly into my mouth- *sigh* I love to be spoiled!

And after that prawns bellyful a good nap is a must.

I have to admit that, sometimes, I'm a little harsh, specially when Mom gets me to the vet. As Piru says: I hate vets, I really do. She took me to one the other day because I had an itch that was driving me crazy... and her, too.

First they put you in a cage, inside a car- I hate cars, too- and to the vet even worst. There, someone that you don't know, tries to touch you and put needles in you. Then, they throw you in the cage again and you can't put the bitey on anyone.

Where's the justice?

Back home, Mom tried to give me some medicine. She took my favorite wet food and put a crushed pill on it. She thought I wouldn't notice. What was she thinking?

I won't eat it, you eat it!

Then, she tried to crush it even more and give it to me dissolved with a syringe. I put on such a fight that end up with that horrible mix coming out of my nose. Ugh!

What a horrible taste had that stupid pill!

Mom, I won't take that medicine, I'm out of here.

Well, Piru's friends, it was nice to meet you all. All this writing have make me tired, so I'm going for a little doze now. See ya!Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnhhhhhhh!

Ola kala!

5 comentarios:

  1. Hi Prince,
    I think you are as handsome as your brother. I am glad Piru let you post on his blog, be sure to do it every Friday.
    Jake the red tabby.

  2. Prince, I think your eye that is half blue and half green is just beautiful. It was nice to meet you.

    Piru, thank you for sharing your blog with Prince. Sharing isn't so bad - I share my blog with Treasure all the time. It just shows what a good heart you have. *hugs*

  3. Hi Prince. Nice to meet you. I'm happy Pirulo decided to give you a day. You are one very handsome cat also. I think you are of equal handsomeness, so there shouldn't be any rivalry.

  4. Hi Prince! It was nice to hear from you - we think you are very adorable! We love your little belly! And we think it was very sweet of Pirulo to let you and the others have Family Fridays! Plus that will give him a break!

  5. Hey Prince, good to meet you (& Piru, too). I'm not fat either. I just have big furs!

    Max S.