viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010


Mom told me that, because Prince doesn't have a blog, I should share mine with him. I don't think it's fare, IT'S MY BLOG!!!
Then, she said: "I share my computer with you. Why can't you share your blog? If you want to use the computer, you have to learn to share things. If you don't share things, maybe I won't share with you either."
Wow, that was harsh.
Do you know what I did? Yes, I gave her the cold shoulder and went to The Other One's apartment.
"Can I use the computer, please?"
"I know all about the discussion with your Mom, she called me. Yes, you can use my computer, as long as you share your blog with Prince."
What do they think? That I'm going to do whatever they want? I'm the king here, I own all of you! If I had my own computer, this wouldn't be happening!
Where's my dinner plate?
"Prince has it. Ask him if he wants to share it with you."
So, here are some Prince's pics...

Baby Prince

Cleaning Prince

Romantic Prince

Stretch Prince

Laughing Prince

Weird eye Prince

Curious Prince

Thinking Prince

Cute Prince (Mom wrote this)

Okey, I shared my blog with Prince. Can I have the computer now to visit my friends blogs?

Thank you.

Ola kala!

8 comentarios:

  1. Piru, Prince is pretty cute. Maybe he can have one day a week to blog? That's not so much to ask is it?

  2. Our mummy would also like to see him have one day a week. I think you should keep your blog yours *glaring and Inigo*


  3. That was nice of you friend to reluctantly share you blog with Prince. It was nice to meet him and see his cute pictures. I think you should share - but just 1 day a wseek. It is your blog!!

  4. You are so good to share your blog with Prince! He is really very handsome! But I will not forget that you are very, very handsome too my friend!!

  5. It is always good to share! Glad to see that you did!
    You are one gorgeous kitty! Or should I say handsome?
    Glad to be one of your newest followers!!

    Cat Chat

  6. Thank you for sharing your blog today - Prince is lovely and looks like our Albert who is deaf.

  7. I'm glad you decided to share with Prince. That was we can all see how much more handsome you are and how superior you are. xoxo

  8. Piru, you're very nice to share your blog with Prince. I think one day a week sounds reasonable. That still leaves lots of blogging time for you.