martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Tourism Tuesdays: Puerto Rico

I know many of you haven't come to Puerto Rico, yet. So, I decided to share with you some interesting information and places you can go whenever you decide to visit my island.

Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean.

First a really brief history of Puerto Rico:
God created the Earth with it's animals and humans, that included Puerto Rico. Then, I was born... at least that's how I thought it was.
But Mom told me that there's a lot more information. The native group of people living in PR at the arrival of Christopher Columbus, on November 19, 1493, were the Tainos. Some years later, people from Africa, France, England and other parts of Europe, came to PR, too. After looooooooots of years as a colony of Spain, PR came to be part of the USA, since 1898. Although, PR has it's own culture, there's a lot of influence from the USA culture, too.

The US quarter with a Puerto Rico motif.

In short, Puerto Ricans are like this unique mix of cultures; it makes us a very interesting group of people... and pets, of course.

There are many world famous people from PR. Ricky Martin, Benicio Del Toro, Joseph Acabá (the astronaut) and a lot more, including me, of course.

So, do you fancy come visit us?

Next week: Lares, Puerto Rico

Ola kala!

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  1. Piru,
    My humans would love to visit your country; so would I but I am not good at traveling.
    Jake the red tabby.

  2. My peeps have been to your island about 4 times - on cruises. Two of those times they flew into Puerto Rico and stayed at a quaint little hotel on the beach. M is wracking her brain to think of the name, but she can't. I suppose I'll never get der cuz I don't think I'd like to fly in an airplane - scary for kitties.