miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4: My Bed

This week's Anipal Photo Hunt is: My bed. I knew about this form my good friend @Cokiethecat. Well, I don't have a bed- that sounds sad, but no. You'll see, I have A LOT of beds, because I have many special places where I like to sleep, or jut take a nap. But this time I'll show you just some of them.

My most favorite place to sleep is on Mom's bed, oh, it's so cozy.

Some times I like to sneak into The Other One's apartment and sleep on her bed, specially if she has the fan turned on; I love the fan.

I, also, like to hide under this table for a quick nap.

A really cozy place for a nap is on the back of the couch.

For a more extensive nap, I prefer Mom's favorite chair.

If the temperature is a little hot, I can take a nap on the laundry basket: it's ventilated.
If I have the opportunity, a nap on the backyard is a must, specially under the shadow of a tree.

As you can see, I sleep exactly wherever I want, whenever I want. Oh, this cat's life!

Now it's your turn. Where do you sleep? This is a blog hop, join it to meet other anipals.

6 comentarios:

  1. You've got some great sleeping places. And you're looking nice and floofy. Your furs grew back beautifully.

  2. you do have lots of bed for sure. Very interesting.

  3. Hi Pirulo! We are behind in visiting - we love all your posts from the past week - the Fiona and Shrek joke was so funny, and the info on where you live was great - we would love to visit there!

    And todays post is great - we love that you have so many great places to sleep - we do at our house too! That picture of you on The Other One's bed is extra cute because it really shows off your adorable floofy belly really well! And we are in agreement with you - we like fans too, because they are nice and cooling. And will all your floof it must be extra nice to have it blowing on you!!

  4. You're such a happy and handsome guy my friend, comfy everywhere you are!

  5. Oh I envy you your sleeping places, they are all cosy and fun and lovely. Better add you to my blogroll now I found you thanks to the ohoto hop!! I see my mate Mariodacat has commented, he's a cool dude.

    Dash Kitten

  6. Oh you are so floofy!! I used to be that floofy. You remind me of my younger days... Ah, youth!