jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

Please, purrs for Iñigo Flufflebum

My friend Iñigo Flufflebum, from Rumblebum, is sick. He has a large build of fluid around his beautiful heart and the vet thinks it is cardiomyopathy. He has to stay at the vet at least until Monday, but his Rumblemum brought him his friend Thwack and one of his fleecy blankies. At least, poor Iñigo won't feel so lonely. We are purrring a lot for him and sending him *headbumps* and *nosetaps*, from Prince and me, barks and tail wags, from Kala and Liah, kisses and blessings, from Mom and The Other One, so our friend will feel better soon.
Please, purrr for Iñigo, visit his blog and leave a comment showing your support.

Ola kala! for Iñigo

2 comentarios:

  1. I'm purring so hard for dat Indigo and his family. I won't stop either until he is all better.

  2. Oh we were so sad when we heard about Inigo - we have bee sending him lots and lots of purrs and prayers!!