miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Chilean Miners

As you know, probably, since last night and all the day today, the Chilean miners that were trapped way down under the earth have been rescued (at this hour I think there are only about 5 or 6 down there).  This have been an event that some people compare with the landing on the Moon and other important achievements.  It's been said that people around the Earth have seen the transmission from Chile, including me and The Other One last night.  She was snoozing from time to time, but we wanted to watch at least the first miner comes out.  It was very moving and many people cried, even if they didn't know the man.
Why am I talking about it?  And, why am I wishful?  Well, first, I wish all those men can come up safely, of course, including the rescuers.  Second, I think there are many lessons everybody can learn of these miners' experiences.  Even though those men found themselves in a situation in which they probably would never see the Sun again, they didn't lose something that helped them stay all those days down there: faith.  Maybe not all of them were optimistic, maybe some of them didn't have real faith, maybe there were some discussions between them that we don't know, but the thing is that, instead of "eat" each other, they found out the way to support each other and share their strength.  And, when you have faith in someone, in something or in some event, you can gain strength and share it with everyone around you.  

When you share faith and love you duplicate your gains.  

Two of my favorite phrases that the miners said are: "I was down there with God and with the Devil.  They were fighting for me.  God won, I chose the better hand." Other miner said: "We weren't 33 down there, we were 34 because God never left us."
So, my second wish is that Mom, The Other One and all of you, my dear friends, remember the lessons we learn from these miners.  If you find sometime yourself down in a "cave" thinking that you'll never see "the Sun" again, think about the ones that found themselves in that real situation, but came out thanks to the support and love of their family, their friends, their rescuers and and their faith in God.

Ola kala!


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  1. Hi Pirulo! This is a wonderful post! We have been watching the miners rescue since last night (we stayed up to watch the first two and mom watched in secret all day at work). They are actually getting ready to bring the last miner up now - 32 are safe. And we are so happy, and cried too when the first one came up (and with all of them) and we find them so inspiring! We think you have some good advice to keep them and their faith in mine when you face bad times. You are so right that we can learn a lot from these men!

  2. This was a beautiful post, Piru. Very inspiring and well-said. :)

  3. Thanks for a wonderful post. We are all glad the miners are safe and now hope that they can recover from whatever mental, emotional and physical scars they have encountered. Cod bless them. xoxo

  4. Me encantó esta entrada, esta llena de inspiración!

    Estuvimos viendo casi todo el día donde sacaban a los mineros y daban las historias, algunas son muy bonitas, como los humanos que van a tener un hijo y le van a cambiar el nombre, entre otras

    Ahh...me encanta cuando todo sale bien :')

  5. you are a very wise kitty. That was beautifully said dear friend. No matter how bad things seem at the time, don't lose faith that they will get better, because they always do.