sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010


Today is Livestrong day!  So, I'm going yellow to support people that are living with and surviving cancer.

Milo and Alfie told us about it.  For people fighting cancer, today I'll be a yellow cat (gato amarillo, in Spanish).

I'm handsome in any color.
Here are other photos of the YELLOW.

Ola kala!

UPDATE!  I sent a note of my blog to LIVESTRONGDay's posterous and they included my photo and blog to be part of the LiveStrong day.  Here's the link: http://livestrongday.posterous.com/ .

This is the first mention.

And here's the section that will lead to my blog.

Yes, Ola Kala!

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  1. Live strong dear friend. Hope you are always cancer free.