domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

My dear friend Mario, from Mario's Meowsings, presented me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  What a surprise!  Mario always visit my blog and I appreciate all his comments.

Thank you very much, Mario.

Now I have to tell seven (7) things about me:

1. I get very upset when I want to go out and Mom doesn't let me.  It she's sleeping, I climb into her bed, meaw in her face and pull her hair until she can't stand it anymore and throw me out.  Well, that's what I want.

2. I love prawns.  The Other One taught me to eat them, so now I visit her daily to eat them.

3. I'm a little afraid of my doggy sister Kala.  She gets upset and bark at me if I get near her dinner plate.  But sometimes I try to invite her to play with me by doing some jumps around her.  She acts like she can't see me.

4. I weight ** pounds... yes, like I was going to tell you, JAJAJAJA.  You know that I'm husky, not fat.

5. I'm a friendly guy.  When we have visitors in the house I come out and greet them.  Every time, they talk about how big and handsome I am... I like that.

6. Once, I was lost the very same day of my Mom's birthday.  She was crying nonstop for three days until a neighbor found me, all dirty and scared, in a scrubland not so far away from home.

7. Since then, Mom decided that I shouldn't be free all time, so she began to build (CAGES) so called funparks for me and Prince.  There has been seven of them and now, the Ultimate Funpark, is under construction. 

Now, I have to pass this award to three of my friends.  Let me see... oh, that's so difficult because there are so many versatile blogs!
Here are my choices.  I know there are more than three, but I couldn't resist giving this award to more of my friends:
1. Cokie the Cat, from
2. Boris, from
3. Schmitty, from
3. Gibson and his Mom, from
4. Pumpkinpuddy, from
5. Caren, from (I know she's a human, but, she has a beautiful blog).
6. Amy and The House of Cats, from

Visit their blogs!

Ola kala!

8 comentarios:

  1. Hi! I just found your blog, I think you talk spanish, right? verdad? Yo también =D

    Los perros pueden ser molestos, yo vivo con dos más, pero hay que acostumbrarse, porque no creo que la humana los vaya a echar de la casa, los humanos son así...

    Si no me dejan salir, me voy a dormir a la cama de ellos, nos les gusta que duerma en sus camas, así que me dejan salir, es una buena estrategia ;oD

  2. He he - you and I are so much alike in that we like people and greet visitors. It's a good way to get extra attention too. Good job buddy.

  3. Hi Piru, congrats on the award. Its good that you like all visitors, I don't like anyone except for the girl humans that live with me (I only barely tolerate the boy humans)
    Jake the red tabby

  4. Thank you for the award. It's sweet of you to think of me. I've gotten it before and it was only a little over a month ago, so I'm not gonna answer this time. I hope you don't mind. I can't think of anything new that I didn't list before!

  5. Woot! I love awards!! Thank's Pirulo. I love your blog, too!


  6. PRAWNS!!!! *om nom nom nom nom* You're a friend after our own hearts!!

  7. OK, Piru, I've got my 7 Things About Me up on my blog at Thanks again for the Award!