viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Family Friday: Kala

Hello.  My name is Kala.  I'm the oldest of the Furry Family; I'm 15-years-old... I think it's like a 105-years-old in a human.  I have to begin my story with a confession: my real mom is The Other One.  So, I'm going to call her Mommy, to differentiate her from Piru's Mom.

I have a big smile.
I came to live at grandma's house when I was a little puppy.  Grandma took me to be the outside dog (guard), but Mommy told her that I was too little to stay outside by myself; so, I ended up been an inside dog.  I was all black, except for a little white area at my chest.  But now I have my face almost entirely white, that's because of my age.

I'm an old dog with a young spirit.
I'm very loyal to my Mommy.  If she isn't home, I won't eat or go pee outside until she arrives; then, I'm myself again.

I love my mommy.
Oh, and here comes another confession: I used to hate cats.  Yep, that's right.  I used to bark at them so hard and run after them so fast that they lose one or two of their lives- JAJAJA... mmmm, sorry, I didn't mean to be disrespectful.  But, my point of view about cats changed when I was still living at my grandma's house and Michi came to live there, too.  I used to bark and run after Michi at the beginning, but, when Michi decided that she was going to live at the house anyway, so I learned to respect her and even play a little with her.

Hi, I'm Michi.
Then, Mommy moved out and, after a while I met Piru and his siblings.  Piru and I have a very special relationship: I pretend that I don't see him and he tries to be away from me.  I have barked at him a few times, but mostly because he gets near my dinner plate... and I can't accept that insolence.  Prince is a little afraid of me, too.  But I only want a little respect, I'm  the senior, after all.

Now, some other facts about me:

Oh, this is life.
I don't like toys, not even a ball.  What I love is to run, even at this old age.  When I was younger, Mommy used to call me "Quickie", because I loved to run very fast all the time and to everywhere.  I, also, love to roll around on the grass, even it it's a little wet. One of my favorite things to do is show my tummy and, if I receive a tummy scratch, is a lot better.

Would you like to scratch my tummy?
My biggest problem is that I'm very scared of thunderstorms and other strong sounds (like firearms shoots and fireworks).  Even when it's raining I begin to get nervous and, when the thunderstorms begin I hide, pant and shake like crazy.


There are two things that I do that drives Mommy crazy.  The first one is when she takes me outside to pee and I take a loooooong time to choose the correct spot to do it.  Sometimes, after I have smell all the backyard, I don't want to do it there, so Mommy has to take me to the front yard.  She gets furious and ask me why do I have to be so choosy.  She gets mad specially when she's in a hurry.  The problem is that humans simply don't understand that you can't pee everywhere, it has to be the perfect spot.  The second thing is that, when she's preparing my meal, I'm there waiting and wagging my tail, but when she puts down my dinner plate, I smell it and go away.  I don't know why I do that, I simply go a few steps further and sit giving my back to her.

Why isn't a sirloin steak on my plate?

The problem is that, at that time, my sister Liah has ended her meal and wants to come to check out mine... and I don't like that a little bit.  So, I growl at her or bark.  To avoid that, Mommy takes away my plate for a while or puts me in a room with a baby gate on the door. I don't like it.

Mommy has tried to put some clothes on my, but I'm a natural girl.  I don't like to put on clothes, but I love my collar.  When Mommy puts it on after a bath I do some happy jumps.

I think I can't move.

Mommy, I'm not a cowgirl, get this thing away from me.
I've been a little sick lately.  I have a problem of incontinence since I was a puppy.  It was a problem easy to deal with, because it was just a few drops here or there.  But these last days I've been drinking water like crazy, and peeing like crazy, too.  Mommy says it's like a river.  She's been having a lot of work with my situation, because she has to mop 5 or 6 times daily and to clean me frequently because I get wet.  She gave me some antibiotics, but it didn't work.  So, finally, she took me to the vet again and he did a lot of tests and x-rays on me.  Everything was negative, I'm healthy... allegedly.  But, he doesn't understand the reason I drink so much water.  He'll be asking other vets for their opinion.  I hope he finds out what's wrong with me soon, I don't like to be isolated in a bedroom so I don't pee the entire house.

As you can see, I'm a good girl that loves her Mommy. Maybe, I have a few annoying habits, but then again, who doesn't?

Ola kala!

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  1. Hi Kala! We are glad to meet you! YOu are very pretty and we wouldn't have ever guessed you were 15 - you look much younger! It sounds like you have had a good life with your Mommy and that now it is even better with Piru and Prince there (even if they aren't your best friends or anything). We understand about finding the right spot to pee - we do that with the litter boxes at our house too. And we understand about not liking clothes - we act like they weigh like 1000 pounds when mom puts them on us.

    We are sorry you are having problems with drinking a lot and peeing a lot - we know your mom loves you very much to take good care of you now - we hope they can figure out what is wrong and help you feel better!

  2. hi kala. My but you are a very purdy doggie. I'm happy you learned to respect kitties. We really aren't too bad and can be fun too.
    Sorry you aren't feeling well. My first reaction is that you have kidney problems, but I would think the vet would have checked for that since that is a typical problem for seniors. I do hope they figure it out soon. One would never know you are a senior by the way.

  3. Hey, Kala. Glad to me you, even if we are all cats.

    We kinda understand about peeing everywhere. One of us (we won't say which one) has had pee problems off and on most of her life. (PS: it's Luna) Hope your V*T figures out what is wrong sometime soon.

  4. Oh Kala! We thinks you look just lovely for 15! I am scared of thunderstorms too! We hope you gets the incontinence problem worked out! Sometimes when one of us gets upset we will pee where were not suppose to! But not often!