martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Angry Mom

Today Mom got angry with me; I'm not so sure why.  The other day she was telling The Other One that she thought that I couldn't climb the fence.  She didn't know that I was listening.  Can you believe it?, she doesn't trust  my abilities.  Well, today I decided to show her that I'm a skillful cat; I thought this would make her happy, but that didn't happen.  So, this morning I climbed up to the roof of the fun-park.  I had a great view from up there.

I like to watch the world from up here.

Then, Mom saw me.  She got scared because she thought that I was going to fall from the top of the fun park. "How did you get up there, you fat boy?"
"Silly, I'm not fat, I'm husky!"  Then, I turned to show her my floofy belly.

Look, Mom, I'm still agile.

Then she really got scared and tried to grab me, so she place her feet over one of the tree's roots and there was a nail she didn't see, meaning she stepped on the nail.  She began to shout some unpublishable words and began to call The Other One to help her.

Lucky Mom: the nail had a big head.

The Other One couldn't stop laughing because Mom's flip-flop got stuck on the nail. She was hurt, but did not cut herself.


 They were both amazed that I could climb up there.  I think I'll make this my daily exercise. It's one of those places she can't reach me.   I dare Mom to stop me. He he he!

Ola kala!

5 comentarios:

  1. Hi Pirulo! That is a great place to lay and watch what is going on - we can understand why you would like to climb up there. We never doubted you could make it!

    We hope that your mom is ok and didn't get hurt bad from the nail - hopefully it just stung and didn't really cut her - we are sending her some purrs to be safe!

  2. Piru, you're so naughty ;-)
    Jake the red tabby

  3. Whew - I sure am happy your mom didn't hurt her foot by a rusty nail. he he- you are looking pretty cute up there. I would have tried doing that myself buddy, cuz it's fun being up in high places. I just don't understand the oomans and why they worry about us when we go up high.

  4. A mi me dejan subirme al techo, pero es porque esta relativamente cerca del suelo, pero yo no entiendo esas cosas :D

    Espero que tu mamá este bien de la "punzada" ;)

  5. We are sorry your mom said some bad words! We are glad she is ok. We hope you listen to your mom and don't get hurt climbing. You be careful. OK?