miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010


Hi! Finally, I'm back in business. Well, not really business, but you know what I mean. My grandpa is better and I'm returning to my old routine.

For example, today I was birdwatching and I saw this beautiful yellow and black bird that I was singing to me. Pretty as he was,I would have eaten him, but he was too high in the tree. Anyway, I was relax, sitting in the grass, listening to the little birddie and just hanging out. Then I remembered a video I saw on Youtube the other day. It was "Earth Song", by Michael Jackson. I searched for that video after I saw the Grammy's program the other day where some famous artists sang that song. Have you watch that video? I got scare while I was watching it. So many bad things that humans are doing to the planet, why is that?. I thought it was a new video, but the artist did it almost 15 years ago. I think that humans can learn a lot from animals.

Animals eat, make their homes and nests, play and live simply, but most important, we don't harm the planet. We don't need policemans, banks or politicians, but we live mostly in peace with all that we need.

There were sooooooon many questions that came to my mind while I was watching that video that I felt asleep. You know, too much thinking can be exhausting. But, there's some thing that I'm sure about: I would like to live in a world full of trees with birds, with blue skies, happy animals and healthy people.

I would like to know what do you think about this. Please, leave a comment.

Ola kala!

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  1. I love your blog! So fun! I cant read some of it I can only read English! Yeah need a Berlitz classes!Love you!

  2. We totally agree that humans could learn a lot from animals! We think you are very smart!

    We also have an award for you on our blog - it is actually back on 1/26 - we posted it later but since we started it on 1/26 and forgot to change the date it is posted there. If you have the chance you should come by and pick it up!

  3. Yes, Animals are far more superior than humans. We do no harm. We only prey on what we need to eat...
    But try to not eat any birds...they are so much fun to watch!