lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

I am not mad anymore...

Today, Mom let me hang out as much as I wanted. I was freed from the fun park at 7:30 am and was out until 11:00 am. Then I went to sleep until 3:00 pm. After that time I was free to go around and Mom let me outside until 9:00 pm. The reason of so much time outside was that today is a holiday and Mom was at home.
So I was thinking, whats the use of being mad with the person that treats me so nice. I understand that if I was left to do whatever I want I would get in trouble. I would be lost from the many times I wondered off.

Here is a picture of me with Mom, see that I am over with my tantrum?
Ola kala!

2 comentarios:

  1. Ahhhh, look at that smile, that's much better!!!

  2. We are glad you are happy and not mad anymore! It is very important to be in a good mood when you are with your mom!