martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

An unfortunate event...

Hi, I'm Liah, one of Piru's stepsisters (between us, I don't like that label, I prefer just sister). I'm writing today in behalf of Piru, who is hiding under the dinner table and don't want to come out, even to write today's entry.
I'm supposed to write about the unfortunate event that sent Piru under the table. Instead, I'll write about me, since I'm the princess of the house and I'm so beautiful...
- Ejem...

What? Okey, Mom, I'll write about Piru because this is not my blog (can you sense my attitude?). Why don't you make Prince do it? Because he doesn't care, I know.

Well, then, here we go. Last night Piru was in his hang out time at the backyard. He was minding his own business, as so was Prince. Mom and I were at the couch, watching America's Funniest Home Videos and the other two girls were sleeping. We were all happy doing relaxing things. Suddenly, we heard a cat's cry and a loud meaw and then another and then another, all very loud. Mom jumped from the cough and ran towards the balcony calling Piru and Prince out loud. She didn't see any of them, but the meaws were still going. So she ran down stairs to the backyard and ran towards the sound. With all those screams, Mom running and all the confusion that even I got scared myself and hid behind the sofa.

After the meaws stopped, Mom saw Piru coming from the front of the house, looking really scared and running so low that he was almost crawling. Then, she found Prince hiding under a car.

First, she thought that Prince was fighting. But he was cool, he came up to the house and went to his dinner plate to eat. But Piru, oh, poor Piru was still very shakey and have been nervous until then. So, apparently, the fight was with him. When he came indoors he inmediately looked for a place to hide and eventually got under the table. His eyes were still wide open and his ears were leaning backward. I think this demostrates that he's loyal to his motto: "It's better to be an alive mouse than a dead lion". It's no wonder he tried to sleep in the bed with Mom. That can be a big problem, because the only one who can sleep with Mom is me and nobody else.

Enough about Piru, let's write about me now.

- Ejem...

But, Moooooooommmmm... he never writes about meeeeeeeee. Ok, just a few lines. Thanks, Mom!

Recently, I had an unfortunate event too. I got some kind of "ball", a little one, on my neck. Mom noticed it when she took me for grooming. She didn't noticed it before because my hair was long. So, she asked the vet to look it up. He took a sample and sent it to the lab. He told Mom that it could be many things, including cancer. Oh, that was like a bomb for my poor Mom. She got so sad and cried the day the vet call her to go to the office to show her the results. I told Mom not to worry because I was gonna be fine. We animals do know these things, but humans don't understand that. Anyway, we went to the vet's office and he told Mom that I only had an abscess, try to empty it and sent me home with some antibiotics. The only problem now is that I HATE pills, so Mom has to find ways to make me swallow those pills. So, Mom, don't worry anymore, I'm gonna be as healthy as ever and I'm gonna love you for many- many years to come.

As Piru says, "Ola kala!".

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  1. Uff! What a scary day! I'm glad it wasn't something serious! You'll probably get lots of cuddling from it...which is just fine!

    Mejorate pronto!

    Fluffs, Niqqi

  2. What a day and what a post! Good job Liah! We hope Piru feels better soon - we know cats can take a while to come around when they get scared. And we are glad that the lump your mom found is only and abcess - just be a good girl and take those pills ok! Tell your mom to give you a treat after - that usually helps. We are sending all of you purrs to feel better (physically and emotionally) soon!!

    And Liah, we hope to hear more about you in the future! Tell Piru to share sometimes, ok!