miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

I was lost, but Mom found me

Have I told you about the time I got lost for a few days? Oh, it was awful for me and Mom. I got lost on Mom's birthday, many years ago. She cried and cried for three days non stopped.

You know, since little I have this habit of wondering off to see what's on the other side of the fence. This has let to problems, specially on this ocassion.

This is the story. It was on December, and they were throwing a lot of very loud fireworks. I got very scared and wondered off. Mom started to look for me walking and walking around the block. Since she didn't find me, she made a posted note with my picture telling the neighbors that she was willing to pay $300.00 for my rescue. The note said: "Have you seen this cat? His name is Piru and he's missing. Please, if you find him, call me at xxx-xxxx. I will give $300.00 for the reward".

Every one seem interested in looking for me. But not because of the money (which was good) but by pure compassion. They saw my mothers red eyes by crying so much, sad and walking several times, day and night, up and down the neighborhoods' streets.

At day three, a daughters' neighbor saw me (I was hidden in the bushes) in front of the street where she lived and call my mother at 12:00 midnight. She immediately went with the neighbors down the street and picked me up. I was relieved she came. I had not eaten for three days and was very scared. My Mom's eyes were filled with loved as she approached me. I've never seen her so happy. After that horrible experience my Mom started a plan to seek ways to keep me inside the house. They all failed.

Once, she began to open the water hose and throw the water at the door pretending it was pouring rain because she knows I hate to get wet. That was stupid, I ran to the other door that was dry. The problem was, she or my human brother was able to throw water at one door at a time. So, that didn't work at all. She also tried to bring toys, none help.

To make the story short, after those incidents she created what she call, "a fun park", where I have limited space I can go walking (I think, where's the fun?). I liked it a little, but after a while I got bored and wanted to go out.

My Mom always says "he's so domineering, he wants everything to be as he wants". Well, what does she expect? I have a mind of my own and I love to be free. What's wrong with that?

Below are some pictures of the first fun park. There have been already 5 versions of it. Each time we move, it gets better. Anyway, I still prefer to be free as the wind.

I understand her wishes to keep me safe, but I love to hang out, discover new territories. Like yesterday, I went to a new house on my block, Mom called out my name and I did not answer. She got in her car and went to pick me up. Oh God, was she mad. She got me into the car and while she was driving she began telling me that if I continue that way I was gonna get lost again. After that she didn't spoke to me for the rest of the night. You can imagine how pissed she was.

So that's always our fight, in the other areas we get along great. She gives me a lot of love, good food and keeps me healthy. But I think she doesn't understand my need to walk around and look for new territories. What do you think? I would like you to tell me the truth. So please comment on this important issue.

Ola kala!

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  1. Hi Pirulo, we think your mom is right - remember how hungry and scared you were when you got lost? Well, we don't want that to happen to you again! We want you to stay safe and at home! We think you should listen to your mom on this one for sure!

  2. Don't go out dood. Mommy is right. There's lots of mean people and mean animals to eat you right up. Ask @petiethecat about raccoons. They are mean and can live in the city.

  3. Oh my friend, it is so much better to be inside. We've always been indoor cats, and it's so much safer in here, and we have lots of toys!