lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

I'm furious. HISSSSS!!!

Yes, as you can see, I'm furious. Why? I'll tell you why!

Yesterday was a happy day. It was Valentine's Day! I received a post card from Niqqi and everything was perfect. So, I decided to take a nap- of course- and went to my Fun Park, because it's cool and dark in an area behind some boxes. I always sleep until around 3:00 PM, and wake up starving. So, I woke up and, what do you think? I was trapped! Mom closed the door of the Fun Park early! As I was sleeping, she served more water and food on my dinner station at the Fun Park, closed it before I woke up and left for a concert she wanted to attend.


I was left there alone- well, with my stepbro Prince, but being with him is like being alone. I had food and everything, but I didn't have time for my afternoon hang out in the neighborhood. And, to make it even worst, she didn't come home until midnight, so I had to stayed there until today!

Oh, she's gonna pay for this!

I was sooooo mad, that I kicked some boxes. When she opened the door this morning she found a mess at the Fun Park. It's not so fun now, ah? During the day, I'm gonna get back at her, I'm gonna do everything that pissess her off. I started already. As soon as she opened the door, I headed out so fast that she only could see a blur. After a while I went to the front door that is always closed and knocked. As soon as she opened it, I ran away, after all,I didn't want to come in anyway. Later, I entered at the back door. Mom received me by calling me in a lovely way, I only looked at her and sat down. So, she ran to the kitchen and served my daily ration of salmon dinner, warmed it up and put the dish in front of me. I looked at it, then looked at her and walked away. After that I thought that it was a mistake to leave that salmon dinner and came back, but there was my sassy stepbro, Prince, devouring it. Now I'm even more furious!!!

I have to have my revenge!
What do you think about it? Should I get back at Mom for leaving me trapped all afternoon and night while she was hanging out? What can I do?

Not feeling so Ola kala today.

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  1. Hi Piru! Oh no! Poor you! Your mumsie did not mean to do it though eh? Maybe just give her da cold shoulder for a bit to let er know you is not appy and then hey .. forgive and forget. She luv you, no way she meant to do it.

    These fings appen sometimes. Mum locked me in da cabin on our boat once coz she no realise I did follow her in there. I left her a poo though heehee!

  2. Mom locked @cheddums on the porch by accident once. He was NOT a happy kitty either. But she apologized & gave him extra treats so he forgave her.

  3. I have a house of 9 cats. You sound like a fluffy cat that I have. I saved her from the street and I guess she is mad about that. One month later she still gives me the kind of looks you are giving your mum. Mums have to have fun too. Sorry kitty, you need to forgive your mum. She works hard for you to have a good life. xo
    Florida Cat Lady

  4. Hai Piru, I iz horrified at teh torture you wuz forced to endure. I would give teh cold shoulder an ebil stare. Sharpen your clawz ware she can see you doing it - on teh best furnichure of course!

  5. Okay, now take a deep breath, then breath in and out nice and slow. Things cold always be worse, you could be without the option of fussing and having friends to listen. See, the day isn't so bad after all.

  6. Fancy getting yourself shut in. You think you've got problems, I've been stuck under the bed for the whole weekend. Regards, Bert.

  7. OH MY GOD! Stuck in the Fun Park must have been horrible for you. I think you need to furball at the side of her bed just where she steps out of bed. Listen to her yowl! MOL MOL

  8. Awww, but you know your mummy loves you, don't be too hard on her!!