miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Prince's true story

My brother Prince- the romantic one, like Mom calls him- has a very interesting story. He told me himself. I couldn't believe him at first, but then some personality- or catnality- traits have shown me the truth in his words.

He wasn't always a cat. He was a real humanoid prince. Can you believe it? It's like a fairy tale!
Here's the story.

Prince used to be the prince of a far- far away planet named Katana (I think I've heard that before). He lived in it's capital called Catalonia. It's a beautiful place fill with flowers and lots of birds where the prawns are always free (my friend Albert The Cat would love to live there). They also have a forest of catnip trees (that's why he doesn't like catnip now, because it makes him remember his home). People there are cat-like humanoids with pointy pink ears, whiskers, a tail, two toned eyes (like Prince) and white hair. (A very important note: this story is not related to the movie Avatar.)

Prince's name was Neko and he had a warrior sister named Nike. His father, Félin the King, was a good ruler and loved their people. Prince had servants that made everything for him (well, that part isn't so different from now). He even had a fiancée called Kathya, who was the most beautiful of all the inhabitants. Neko was famous for his bendable body, he could bend in almost any position he wanted; he was a big star. He maintains that ability, Mom calls him "the dripping cat".

Neko's (Prince) life was perfect, but it would change abruptly. His father, Félin the King, felt in love with Dogma, a Queen of another planet named Dogwood. She was a beautiful dog-like humanoid, with blond fur, long ears, long snout with big canines and an always wagging tail. Anyway, at first she was a good Queen, but some months later, some wicked advisors made her overambitious and then she became Machiavellian, too.

Prince's father became ill because of a problem with hairballs. If Félin the King dies, Neko would become King, but Dogma didn't wanted that, she wanted to rule both words: Katana and Dogwood. That's why, one night, while Neko was taking a short nap before his night milk, Dogma poured a small amount of a liquid with a spell that turned Neko into a cat, loosing his other humanoid traits. Kathya tried to warn Neko about the evilness of Dogma, but he was too lazy to do something about it. Oh, he has always been lazy!

So, Neko became a simple cat and Dogma sent him to earth in a meteor, just like Superman!
A female cat found him wandering around in a farm and took him as part of her new born kitten. But the family she lived with, didn't wanted more cats and give him for adoption in front of a near Wal-Mart. Mom was walking in front of the store that day and those people offered that little white cat that she couldn't resist. That's how he came to my house.

When he was little, was so delicate and beautiful that Mom thought he was a she and called him Princess. Oh, how I laughted, because I knew from the first smell that he was a boy, but I didn't say anything. When Mom took him to the vet, he told her the truth and Mom had to change the name to Prince.

That's Prince's story. The only way he can remove the spell is if he finds a female pitbull that kisses him under a truck. And that's almost impossible, because Prince is terrified of both things.

Prince dreams of freedom, that's the only thing he can do. But his life is not so bad, after all, he still has his servants, so do I.

I also have a story, but I'll tell you about it another day. Maybe just a tip: I was a king.

Ola kala!

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