martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

My gift basket!!!

Last June, I wrote about a great news I received. Cokie the Cat sent me an e-mail telling me that I won a gift basket The Anipal Times raffle for @Schmittysays' New Yorkie gift basket generously donated by! Well, I finally received it and I'm very exited!

But first, I want to talk about Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie. I took the information from the label of Schmitty's beautiful plush:

Schmitty the Real New Yorkie is a five pound pooch living in the big city who's puppy love for canine couture and posing for cameras came in handy after 9/11 when Schmitty started a greeting card company to give back toher brave firefighter friends. Schmitty continues to give back 5% from the sales of her New Yorkie and Real New Yorkie products to good and worthy causes.

Wow, Schmitty has a big and beautiful heart! More information here.

Now, my gift. Mom brought this really big box and I was amazed, I love boxes. But Mom told me that the box wasn't the gift, the real gift is inside; so I went inside.

I love boxes!

Mom and The Other One helped me take the things outside. Do you want to know what was in my gift basket? Here they are:

A lot of things!

Schmitty sent me a set of beautiful cards with different themes and the beautiful Schmitty, too.

I don't know how to write with a pencil, but I surely love this beautiful notebook.

This leash is personalized with Schmitty's trade mark; beautiful color, don't you think?

I told Mom I want to be like Schmitty and have my own calendar. This one has pretty pictures of Schmitty and healthy do's and dont's. Really clever idea.

Finally, Mom allowed me to check all my gifts.

In the basket came also a t-shirt. Here Mom was trying it on me. I think that my husky body (as you know, I'm not fat) will fit a little tight there.

Then, I checked the collar. Here I'm reading the instructions.

Schmitty even sent me a beautiful plush.

I even took a little nap with Schmitty's plush; a good nap company.

I wanted to make sure that Mom didn't leave anything in the basket.

Then came that nosey Prince to ckeck my box.

Mom told me that, as a good brother, I have to share my gifts with the rest of the family. I don't like the idea, but I think she's right.

"Come on, Piru, I never receive anything."

He said hello to Schmitty.

And he tried on the cap, but I think that it doesn't fit him well.

He decided to take one of the cards, the John Lennon "Imagine" Memorial in Central Park, card. It's just his style, he said.

The Other One loves caps, so I let her have it. She was thrilled.

Schmitty also sent me a very big and practical canvas bag. Mom loved it and said that it will be perfect to carry her books. So I let her have it; she's my Mom, after all.

Then, Liah came to check out the things.

She inmediately fell in love with the plush, barked at it a little and then started to play. Now she takes Schmitty's plush to bed every night to curl up with it. Mom and The Other One were laughing so much with Liah playing with the plush that they took this little video. I think you're going to laugh, too.

Note: No plush were harmed during this film.

Finally, Liah tried on the t-shirt and it fitted perfectly on her. She looks pretty, doesn't she?

Cokie and Schmitty, I'm deeply touch and grateful of all the joy you have bring my family with all these beautiful gifts. I'll remember this all my life.

Ola kala!

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  1. What a pawesome gift basket! And Liah seems to really love that plush! BOL!

  2. Looks like there was a little something for everyone in that basket. Enjoy your presents.

  3. Hi Pirulo! I was so excited that you won our monthly raffle! @SchmittySays obviously put a lot of thought and love into the wonderful gift basket he donated. So much cool stuff! I'm going to post a link to this page in my next Editorial and on our Anipal Times Facebook page.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Cokie the Cat
    The Anipal Times

  4. hi Pirulo! What a wonderful gift basket - and it is great that there is something for everyone! And wow, that box looks like it will be fun to play with - so it is like you got a bonus out of the whole thing too!

  5. Oh My C - you are hobnobbin with celebs. Dat Smitty is famous. What a great prize you won. Good going pal.

  6. piru, you are so generous, you share your presents with everyone.
    Jake the red tabby

  7. My friend, you look ever so handsome with your basket fulla goodies!