miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

About pets, love and abandonment

Strange title, isn't it? I just want to share some insights about this issue.

A few days ago, my Mom went to a government agency and saw this puppy in the parking lot. The puppy, a mix dog with beautiful light blue eyes, was playing with everyone that arrived to the parking. Mom saw that she was running with some children and was jumping around to meet everyone. In short, she was a happy puppy... because she was too young to know what had happen to her: she was abandoned by her former family. One of the agency's employees told Mom that the puppy was dumped there like two or three days before. Mom though of taking the puppy and find her a home, but the puppy was gone when she came out of the office.

I think that some people misunderstand the importance of having a pet in the family. And I will talk particularly about dogs now. For many people, human relationships are hard to maintain in peace for long periods of time. Some say that love declines through the years and even some people end up hating each other. So, many decide to have a dog for a reason: they need someone that gives them unconditional love no matter their looks or age; someone that waits for them even an entire day and receives them with a party; someone that fully trusts them and remains devoted to their master even if mistreated. Many people can't find some or even most of those characteristics in many human relationships; but they can find all of them in a single dog.

People that dump their pets, specially dogs, don't realize that they are throwing away maybe the only opportunity to have a perfect relationship in their entire life. Those people are throwing away a furry symbol of faith, devotion, forgiveness and, specially, love.

The people that dumped the happy puppy will never know the meaning of real happiness. I just hope that the happy puppy will find someone else worth of her.

I have been blessed, every time Mom moves from place to place, she always bring us with her no matter how difficult it have been for her and for us. We appreciate her unconditional love, and that is why I often think about this issue.

Can you, my friends, share your thoughts with me about this issue?

Ola kala!

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  1. I agree with you 100% friend. A puppy/dog loves you no matter what. They are a true friend in every sense of the word. They not care how you look dat day, if you wearing the latest fashion, if you too fat or too skinny, or what color you are. How often do you find a ooman capable of doing that! My grandma & grandpa used to live in the country & there were more anipals dumped out there - just left to fend for themselves. They took in the doggie & she turned into a wonderful companion. They took in a kitty too, and she was also a wonderful companion. I just don't understand people dat dump their anipals somewhere like they are disposable! Good post friend.

  2. Those people who dump dogs and cats shouldn't have them in the first place. Some people think cats will remain kittens and then when they start getting big, they dump them and get another kitten. The same thing with dogs. Having a pet is a responsibility for the lifetime of the pet. At least bring them to a rescue or shelter. I recently blogged about animal abuse. It's in the newspapers practically every day up here. Something needs to be done.

  3. I think you said it perfectly. Very well done.

  4. Very insightful! Animal/human relationships are very special and quite different from human/human relationships. I don't understand why anyone would give that up.

  5. My friend... every single time we hear a story like that our heart breaks.

    You asked about life in NZ - yes, it is very peaceful. It's been compared to living in the 1950's. Our mummy isn't from here, she's from North America, and while she likes that there is not the same crime you'd find there, she does miss the benefits of living elsewhere.

  6. I am lucky too; my family has loved me for 10 years. My humans took in my brother who was stray cat seven years ago, they love us both very much (I don't like my brother that much thought).
    We are thinking good thoughts for that happy puppy, may she find the family who is worthy of her.
    Jake the red tabbt.

  7. Every time I hear about a poor pet like that I realize how lucky I am to have a Mom that loves me so much. No matter what happens, I will always have a loving home.

    I don't understand how people can treat their furry friends so badly. I hope that poor puppy found people to love him.

    I named your blog for an award. Pick it up at my blog - pumpkinpuddy.blogspot.com.

  8. A very interesting and poignant post. I think people who dump animals without a care, don't realise that the animal is a sentient being, fully capable of feeling a full range of emotions as well as pain. They treat animals like objects, just as something to throw away. I wonder if they treat people like that too?

    I know many humans who would rather have the friendship of a cat, a dog or a horse than any human.

    I hope the puppy found good, kind people who deserved her.

    Whicky Wuudler