miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Good mistake or wonderful oversight

Oh, my dear friends, yesterday was a great day. Mom left inadvertently one of the fun park's doors open.So, I roam free for more than three hours. What else could I do? This was my first unsupervised hangout in the new house. Ah, those three hours were an absolute delight. I walked, and walked... touched every inch of grass I saw.
I did some exercises.

Checked everything around.

I even checked Mom's car, you know, to be sure she has a save ride.

I walked, and took a nap of course, inside a wooded area.

I checked the premises of the cat-wash to make sure it is a good construction.

And I saw strange critters... oh, I'm sorry, it's just my sister Kala.

I even tried to go farther, but the neighbor have three snappy dogs and they wouldn't let me near their house. Because of them I didn't go visit my other neighbor's yard. But, don't tell Mom this was the real reason. I want her to believe that I am capable of staying around and near the house.
The problem was that, after all those hours, food was needed, so I called Mom. When she saw me she said "how in the world you got out there?". "Simple Mom, you left the back door wide open and I thought it was open for me to leave. Don't blame your mistake on me, I behave, see?... nothing happened to me. This is enough prove that I am responsible to be left alone in the yard."

But no, it wasn't enough prove for her. Now, I'm back into the fun park. She's so overprotective.

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  1. Wow Pirulo what an adventure! It looks like you got to visit so many interesting places! And it was so thoughful of you to help out your mom and make sure her car was safe - you are quite a gentleman for that! And we think it was good that you stayed nearby - that is where the food is, and if your mom can trust you maybe you will get to go out sometimes instead of having to stay in the fun park. Just as long as you do not go too far for too long!!

  2. WOW - you made the "great escape". The most I ever escaped was for about 10 minutes until M found me in another yard. It's good nothing happened to you to - cuz we'd miss you.

  3. Moms are a bit overprotective. We just have to humor them.

  4. What a great adventure you had today. I'm glad you got some running free time. Maybe your mom will 'accidentally' leave the door open again and you'll get some free time again.

  5. If our mummy had seen you outside, she would have scooped you up and run away with you!!

  6. That sounds like an amazing adventure! Thanks for sharing the story with us. I slipped out the front door last week but only got to the apartment across from us before Mom caught me. That wasn't much of an adventure for me at all.

  7. Since I have been living here I haven't gotten out again! It has been years.... the other kitties in this house have escaped! And got caught again. Sandusky gets out 4 or 5 times a week!

  8. I am glad you had fun and came home safely
    Jake the red tabby