martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

My stepsis is sick...

Remember, three month ago Liah was sick, she had a bump in her neck? They made an biopsy and she didn't had cancer. What a relief! The Vet recommended antibiotics and apparently she got well.

Well, guess what, she got a bacteria from where they had the biopsy taken. Mom took her to the same Vet and he prescribed again the same antibiotics. After a month or so Liah continued to be sick, so Mom took her to another Vet. This Vet said that the antibiotics the first Vet prescribed was not effective at all and the she got a bacteria from the procedure the first Vet used to do the biopsy. This new Vet operated on Liah's neck and prescribed a new antibiotics. This medicine didn't work either, so Mom took her again to the same Vet and he changed the antibiotics. After 10 days of taking two new antibiotics she continues to be sick. Today, Mom went again to the Vet and, guess what, he recommended another operation. Can you believe it? Mom said she doesn't think another operation will be good for Liah or for her pocket, if you understand. What Liah has is a very bad and stubburn bacteria, the skin is open and bleeding somewhat.

Mom is crush, she's been very worry and crying. I heard her say she is going to take Liah to another Vet, two hours away from where we live. I also heard that she was complaining about the fact that there are no laws regarding malpractice of medical issues relating pets. Also, that some vets get the money for the treatments even if they are useful or not. There are no consequences of their acts.

This is the second time Mom has this problem. Four years ago she lost her beloved lab called Sofia, now she thinks this could happen again. She's very frightened and worry sick. I heard her says: "if Liah dies I won't have another dog", and I think Mom is telling the truth. Every time one of us is sick she suffers too much. I have to talk her out of doing that. She cares so much about us that it will be a pity not to be a mother of all the potential pets that are around us.

What do you think Mom should do, take Liah to another Vet or give in and have Liah operated again? Tell me what I should do to convince Mom to keep on adopting us cats and dogs.

Ola kala!

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  1. First of all, I'll include your family in my prayers. I can relate to how hard this must be for all of you.

    My advice is take her to the other OTHER vet and get a 3rd opinion. I do have some experience with this; it's because we stayed with one vet too long that I lost my first eye. If we had gotten a second opinion, if if if, my eyesight might have been saved. And while the money is secondary in something like this, I understand about that too. Girl spent hundreds of dollars with the first vet on treatment that didn't work (might have made things worse!) but she didn't get any of that money back. So we understand.

    I am not a doctor (obviously-I'm a dog!) but I'm guessing that Liah's body is too used to the antibiotics from being on so many different medicines. The body gets used to antibiotics and becomes immune to them.

    As far as if the worst happens...I think your mom will eventually adopt another dog, even if she thinks losing a pet hurts too much. People with big hearts produce so much love, they have to give that love to things or the explode. So it's really for your mom's health that she has pets to love.

  2. Piru,Definitely find another vet.

    But,as odd as it sounds one thing you might try is horse wormer. My horse every winter picks up a bacteria in our soil. It is really ugly bad patches all over her face(YUCK)

    When I worm her in the spring it goes away. Vet told me that is because whatever is in the wormer also breaks down the calcium in the bacteria. And most bacteria have a calcium "base"

    You give it by weight,so it will not hurt Liah.Just kill any worms she might have & it might work on her bacteria too.

    I hope you find the answer soon!

  3. Oh Pirulo we are so sad to read about Liah being sick again. We don't know what to tell you about the vet - sometimes it is just they are bad but sometimes they really are trying to help the best they know how. And it is so hard to know! We think another opinion is a good idea but we just don't know what to tell you for sure.

    As far as your mom getting another pet, well, we know she is a good mom to the pets she has, and our mom is a lot like her, because it hurts her so much when animals are sick, be it us or any of our blog friends (like Liah) or even animals she just reads about for the first time. But even though she knows it is hard for her and makes her sad when bad things happen, she knows that helping the animals that may not have homes otherwise is worth it. All animals deserve a wonderful loving home so that is why our mom does it - she loves animals a lot. But we also understand how your mom feels because it is so difficult when you loose someone you love so much.

    We HOPE that it won't matter because Liah will be ok - we really want her to get better, and then your mom won't have to make the hard decision to not have more animals. We are sending over tons of purrs and prayers for her to get better and for the vets to be able to help her!

  4. Hope you can find an answer. Get all the opinions you can. We have had great success on our dogs and horses with a product called Veterycin. It's a spray and heals wounds pretty quickly. I'm hoping you can find success for Liah! She looks so sweet. It's so hard to go through the loss of a pet, but don't worry about having another. Animals that need love have a way of finding folks like you that have such a big heart! You'll know!

  5. We are purring for you all. Our mummy says she would defiantly go to another vet, the first one doesn't sound so good.

    We're purring SUPER loud.

  6. Hi there - I'm a veterinarian - you found me on Twitter, and here I am now on your blog.
    I agree with what folk have already said above - it sounds as if you may not be confident with the treatment that you've had up till now, and in such a situation, there's no harm at all in seeking out a third opinion. Choose your vet carefully, with advice from people who strongly recommend them from previous experience.
    As for the precise problem - it's impossible to say without seeing the case - there are a number of possible reasons for what's happening. That's why it's definitely best to seek the advice of a vet in person rather than trying other home treatments.
    Please let me know how you get on via Twitter
    Many thanks

  7. Definately seek out another vet. in fact, if they have a specialist in your area or a neighboring city, i'd go there. It's usually more expensive but such a place is used to treating extremely tough cases. Weill keep your sisfur and family in thoughts & prayers. Hope to get good news from you pal. Big HUG for your mama.

  8. Oh Pirulo, I'm so sad for you and your Mom. I remeber when my sisfur was sick how sad Mom was and how much she cried to lose her.

    Definitely take Liah to another vet. And know that no matter what happens, you're mom will probably get to missing having more anipals in the house and will bring home another cat or dog for you. People who love animals just can't help themselves. They think they don't want another pet, and then they see one that they just can't resist and bring it home.

    Mom and I are praying for Liah.