lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Rescues and shelters in Puerto Rico

Here in Puerto Rico, most people love pets. You can find at least one pet in almost every family house. It can be a dog, a cat, birds, fishes, hamsters and others not so "normal", like pigs, horses, gigantic lizards and many more.

But, there are other people that don't like animal, even hate them. How can anybody hate this face?
Anyway, there are people, too, that love animals so much that try to help the ones less fortunate. There are many-many animal rescues and welfare organizations in Puerto Rico. Here's web page with a list of many of them: .

There's another one: P.A.W.S., The Puerto Rico Animal Welfare Society. I've been there, it's in the beach! There's a vet that save homeless animals, takes care of them and find them homes, even in the U.S.A, so there are fellow puertorican furry friends all over the universe... ok, maybe not all over the universe, but in the U.S.

Anyway, the problem is that all those shelters are not enough to receive all homeless animals. People have to be more considerate and responsible with their pets, take care of them and never abandon them to their fate. After all, we are humans best friends.

What do you think about this?

Ola kala!

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  1. I couldn't agree more with you Pirulo. There are not enough anipal shelters to house all of them. It's a sad situation. Our animals are our best friends - always there for us, no matter if we have a good day or a bad day. Now we just have to figure out how to change things. Thanks friend - good post.

  2. If people were more considerate and responsible, that would solve a lot of problems and not just with pets.

  3. We agree completely. We have the same problems here in Australia, and there are not enough resources in the shelters... perfectly healthy animals can be put down for this reason. It's a very sad situation, and people need to be more responsible owners, neutering and committing to their pets as a part of the family forever! Thank you for a great post, and nice to meet you!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  4. You are not only amazingly handsome, you are also very wise my friend!!

  5. Pirulo! You are so thoughtful! I agree! That the humans need to be more caring to their pets! To abandon them is cruel!