sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

About Piccola

It's important to maintain a good mood when you have problems and sickness, specially between your family, including your pets. But it's soooooooooo hard!
It's been a bad month for Mom because some of us, her pets, have been sick. You already know about Liah. She's in a more intensive treatment of antibiotics and Mom is taking really good care of her. Prince had a rash and was scraching a lot, but Mom took him to the Vet, too, and with a shot and some drops he's feeling better already.
The saddest note is now. Do you remember my oldest sister, Piccola? She's a 19 years old chihuahua.
Yes, 19 years. She's been a healthy loving companion for a long, really loooooong time for Mom. For some time, Piccola have been suffering from some unusual behavior. She tends to walk to the left instead of straight forward. Mom thought that it was because Piccola can barely see. But, there have been a few times now that Piccola walks in circles: she walks and walks and walks until she drops exhausted and dizzy.
Mom consulted with a few Vets and everyone told her that it should be that she's having little brain hemorrhages and that soon she'll probably have a big one. Mom knows that Piccola is suffering. Sometimes she doesn't want to eat, sometimes she cries or is very nervous and can't sleep properly. The Vet told Mom that it's time for Piccola to cross the Rainbow Bridge.
I haven't write about it before because Mom didn't want me to. I think she was on denial. But now, she's facing the truth about Piccola's condition. This next week, Piccola will be crossing the RB, probably next Tuesday.
Here's a video of Piccola walking in circles.

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  1. This makes me very sad and I want to cry. I know your sisfur has lived a nice long life with a beautiful loving family, but it doesn't lessen the heartache of losing her. I wish I had something to say that could help your mom somehow. If Piccola is suffering (and it sounds like she really is) then I think it falls on your mom to give her mercy, even if it is a hard thing to help her to the Rainbow Bridge. I will pray for your family that the hard times soon turn back to good times.

  2. I am so sorry for you and your mom, you iz being strong an giving Piccola wat she needs wiv all your luv. *softpaw*

  3. We are really sad for you and your mom at this time. It is a hard decision your mom had to make. We will be praying for you and your mom and Piccola.

  4. We are sad for your mom but know it is the right thing for little Piccola. FAZ

  5. Oh my, you and your family have been through so very much the past couple of weeks. Having to face those final goodbyes is always so hard. We get leaky eyes just thinking about it. Know that we and a lot of other friends will be there with you next week as Piccola makes the crossing. HUGS for all of you - especially mama.

  6. Oh Piru. Your family just been having such a hard time lately. It makes me so sad my eyes are leaking. Mom and I are sending you and your family lots of love and purrs to help you get thru it. With all the love in your house, Piccola will have an easy crossing over the bridge.

  7. sending your family loving purrs, your mom is doing the right thing for Piccola, it hurts when you have to let go of someone that you've loved for so long.
    Jake the red tabby