miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Haircut: Oh, nooooo!!!!

Tomorrow, Mom is taking me to the vet to have a haircut. She thinks I don't know, but, OH, I KNOW! Today, I've been making plans to escape tomorrow morning. She thinks she can trap me inside the house, but to do that, first I have to come in. That's the thing, I'm not going to enter for anything in the world. The problem is that I might miss breakfast, but I'll see if I can convince Prince to take out my dish just after Mom fills it.
Mom says I need a haircut because my hair is all tangled since I hate to be combed. But I don't want to look like this again:

Anyway, I have to go now, I'm in my neighbor's computer. I still have no Internet service.
I hear the neighbor.



Ola kala!

9 comentarios:

  1. Oh Pirulo we know you aren't excited by a furcut BUT we do have to say that you are very cute in that picture with the short furs! And just think how much more comfortable you will be! Our mom's grandma's kitty Laddie had to get furcuts because he hated being brushed too. He never wanted it but then was always so happy after.

  2. How could they take your hairs?!?!? Those are yours! Mommy and Daddy take my nail tips sometimes and I think that is very unfair. They are mine and I want them back!

  3. Oh, Piru, you will still be the most handsome no matter what. I have short hair every day!

  4. You poor baby - no internet service and now tomorrow to vet for a haircut. It's definately a bad couple of days for you friend. What me to come over to help you escape? I'll prodivd divsionary tactics while you "run for your life."

  5. Pirulo, you look so cute even without your fur. You look like a kitten in that picture.

  6. Pirulo! We are sorry! But we are sure it will grow back!

  7. You still look very manly and handsome my friend. Don't be afraid of the vet!

  8. Piru,
    I think you're handsome no matter what.
    Jake the red tabby

  9. Oh goodness. If you get captured just remember dat dey won't try to brush you for a while afterwards. And... You'll still look purrdy handsome, so I think you'll continue to make the girl kitties purr. hehe