martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Vacation time is almost over

"All of the animals except man know
that the principal business of life
is to enjoy it."
- Samuel Butler

Oh, and I enjoy life when Mom's at home. People have a tendency to complicate their lifes, in the meantime, they get grumpy, stressed and sometimes depressed because of all the problems they have to face. But for us pets enjoy life is no secret, specially if we have loving moms and dads.
That's why today I'm happy and sad at the same time. Vacation time for Mom is almost over. I love when Mom's here all the time, or almost all the time. There are many advantages for me, my stepbro and stepsisters when Mom is at home. We enjoy life because she takes time to do nice things for us during the day.

For example, the other day Mom was looking for some papers and throwed out a box. She knows I LOVE boxes, so gave it to me. Oh, that was a wonderful evening.

Another nice thing is that Mom's always looking out to know where we are, so we don't get lost. Sometimes I play a little and hide under the stairs and make her come down looking for me.

When Mom is at the house, Prince has the tendency to get more "romantic", as she calls him. He even has time to smell the roses from time to time.

Liah loves when Mom's at home all day because Mom gives her snacks. And Liah loves snacks, she even dances for them.

What Kala doesn't like when Mom's at home are the baths. Kala begins to shake only with the though of a bath. But Mom says that she has to take regular baths to smell like a lady.

Even Piccola has more time to walk around the house when Mom's at home. Picco likes to walk and walk and walk, then sleeps and sleeps for a lot of hours.

We have all those things even when it's not vacation time. But, we still prefer to have Mom all day with us. Although, the truth is that someone has to sacrifice their preferences for some things more important. That's why we pets sacrifice our time with Mom, so she can go to work and have money for pet food.

Ola kala!

2 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful pics. You really are a family of cuties. (Boxes are my favorite too!)

  2. Awwwwwhhhh, beautiful kitty. You'll miss your mom, aren't you? Don't worry, I'm sure she'll try to make up to you.