martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Famous cats


Oh, hi! Here I am... bored. Mom went out to work aaaaaallllll daaaayyyy.
I'm not gonna complain, somebody has to earn money to buy cat food.

I stayed alone all day, well, there were my stepbro and sis, but they don't socialize if Mom's not around. So I decided to do something by myself. Since I liked so much the history lesson Albert The Cat gave the other day in his blog, I decided to find out something interesting in that area. What can be more interesting than the history of cats in my country, Puerto Rico. So I headed up to Mom's library to check her books.

Nothing there. It's shameful. Then, I had to use the Internet. Let's see... mmm.... aja.....ohhh... *yawwwwwnn*.... nop.....nop......nop.... nothing here....oh, what is that? I don't know what they are doing, but it's not related to cats. *Blushing*, change it, change it, change it!!!

Well, no luck so far. But I did find something interesting: A list of names of famous cats. Go ahead and see if yours is there. Mine isn't, so I have the oportunity to be the first one.
Here's the link:

Ola kala!

2 comentarios:

  1. There is no mention of Albert on the famous cats website - must be a mistake! Regards, AlbertTheCat.

  2. Nope, none of us are on there either - not even a cat with the same name! It was an interesting site though.

    I am sure if you keep checking on the internet you can find out more about cats in Puerto Rico - there has to be something out there!