sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

Prince's day at the vet

Today, mom didn't care much about me. She took Prince to the vet and that's work for the entire day. Apparently, Prince has an allergy or a rash. He's been scratching himself and pulling out his own fur for some days now. So, mom decided to take him to the Vet today. Somehow, Prince found out about mom's plans (it wasn't me) and disappeared early in the morning. Mom was calling and calling him for a long time, but he wasn't around. I was taking a nap, so I couldn't help her look for him.

Finally, mom saw Prince at the neighbors' backyard. They weren't there, so she had to call him and offer him some snacks and wait until he climbed the wall. Now that I'm thinking about it: I wasn't far away, why wasn't I offered some of those snacks? Anyway, that was just the begining of mom's odyssey to take Prince to the vet.

Prince hates cars, the pet taxi, the vet, the vet's office and needles. So, his little trip was an awful experience, specially since the doctor is an hour away. He even tried to escape at the vet's office, but mom knows how to handle him. It's not that I care much if he gets lost, but I don't want to see mom feeling sad.

Now, he has to drink twice a day the antibiotics the Vet prescribed, and that's another story. You see, I drink everything, medicine, food, snacks. But Prince is not like me, he hates medicines and Mom has to struggle a lot to put anything in his mouth. So poor Mom, she will be having this nigtmare twice a day for quite some time.

The vet also thinks that Prince has an allergy, so he prescribed some medicines. Apparently, Prince will be fine soon. Good for him. The only thing in this story that makes me happy is that it wasn't me the one who was taken to the Vet.

Ola kala!

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  1. I *hate* the vet. I always seem to know if I have to go, even if the girl doesn't tell me. It's the only time I try to run away from her.

  2. Wow! Prince is a lot of work, but I'm glad he's been looked after. It's clear that you have a VERY good and caring mom. There's nothing like us cats you know. Count yourself special.