lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Five Pets... A Thousand Names

Hi! I have a question for you: How many names do you have? Silly question? No, no; at least, not in my house. You see, we are five pets here, and each one has it's official name. But Mom loooooves to invent a lot of nicknames for each one of us. I don't care at all, she can call me "Tutti-fruitty" if she wants; if she has prawns in her hands, I'll come anyway.

Let start with the ladies:

This is Kala, AKA: Kalita, Kali, Kalinsky, Coqui and Quikie (because she loves to run everywhere).

This is Piccola, AKA: Picco, Piccolita, Piccolitis, Piccoletta, Piccoletera and Piscola.

This is Liah, AKA: Lulu, Luli, Susi, Misusi, Miñiñi, Moñoñi, Juanita and Dudi.

This is Prince, AKA: Barrigoncito, Pinchi, Pinchito, Pinchitito, Piriririnchi, The Romantic Cat and The Dripping Cat.

And, of course, me, Pirulo, AKA: Piru, Pirulito, Pirulitito, Piruriru, Pirulinsky, Gordo, Gordito, Ballenita and Belleza.

Now it's your turn. Which are your nicknames? It's fun!

Ola kala!

7 comentarios:

  1. So many names! Pirulinsky!! Great nickname!

    My nicknames are The White One, Shy Little Anne, and What What.

  2. Ohhh, we both have SO many nicknames... Rumbles is Junior Jones, Jonsie, Bone-sie, JuniorBoo... Inigo is Floof, Boof, Boofalo, FluffyBoo...

  3. I has a few names too - M calls me "sweet little boy", Marrrrioooo (singing) & cutie. Dad calls me "big guy." now I weigh 12 pounds, I'm not little and I'm not big - I'm just right. Why don't dey call me purrfect boy!"

  4. I loved this post! We all have so many names in my house. Girl called me Maximus Fartimus the other day, but fortunately that is not one of my regular nicknames! BOL!

  5. Oh we are teh same way at our house - Lola gets Lo, Lolo, crabby (she is crabby a lot), gray girl, ladycat. The boys all get Dude a lot, and then they have their own nicknames too - Barney is always smiling so he gets Smiley Joe a lot.

  6. I have lots of names. My name's really Pumpkin, but for Twitter we had to make it longer, so that's where Pumpkinpuddy came from. Facebook didn't like that name so we added Katz to that. So now it's Pumpkinpuddy Katz. But mostly mom calls me Baby or Angel Kitty.

  7. That's sooo funny! A pure testament to the love our parents have for us by giving us such endearing names! Add to your list my favorite name for you: Pirulín!