viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Critter Observer

There are a million strange critters and odd animals around my house.

This is a frog that was spying in the window; I don't know how he got there.

A really ugly rat was around the house. I couldn't get it because I was inside. I have search for it, but found nothing. I'll keep an eye on that thing.

During one of my bird-watching shifts I saw these two beautiful birds. There were a lot of birds like the black one. The black and yellow one was a singer. Oh, so beautiful tunes. I wish I could put my paw on him, you know, just to congratulate him.

This is Mr. Magoo, a coqui that used to live inside the house (Mom said he loved danger, hence the name). The coqui is a little froggy-thing native of Puerto Rico. Many coquies live in Hawaii, too, but they don't want them there because they don't like the sound: "ko-ki, ko-ki"(sadly, they're massively killing them). One day, I'll tell you more things about the coqui.

This little lady bug was in the front yard. I spent hours watching her.

This salamander goes out at night. I've been trying to get it, but it runs too high in the wall.

This caterpillar scared me because it tried to go up my tail. I understood that he wanted to play, so I put my paw over him, but he fell asleep instantly. So much for the fun!

The bees always work so much! I get tired just watching them go from one flower to the other. And the sound they do is funny.

Another tireless workers are the ants. The beautiful thing is that, although there's no leader, they always know what to do, work without supervision and do a lot of team work. I thing humans can learn a thing or two about the ants.

Well, that's my report on strange critters that live around our house.

Ola kala!

3 comentarios:

  1. Oh my Gosh - you live in a very interesting place. Purdy birdies. Didn't care for the rat and we don't have any dat big here - just little mices.

  2. What strange critters you have where you are. They look very interesting. Mom said she like salamanders.

  3. A salamander! So cool! We see those sometimes on our walks! And frogs!