martes, 23 de marzo de 2010


This survey thing has brought some truths to the table in the family. Now I'll know who's who. My human sisters always say how beautiful I am, how wonderful I am and they say they love my eyes and so on. But now, NOW, they say they'll vote for Prince on our little contest. Why? Because they don't want Prince to feel bad if he loses, like he certainly will. It's not a matter of pride, I only want to settle the issue straight because my own Mom can't. Yes, I know we're both beautiful, but in every family there's always one cutter, and thats ME. My only humble desire is to let everybody know it's me. Is that bad? Well, the pics are out there, everyone should vote for the real best, not out of guilt or out of pity.

2 comentarios:

  1. Nope, we are not voting and you can't make us! We can't pick because you are both beautiful in different ways - so we can't pick a favorite. We do love your floofyness though - since we are all shorthair cats we always find the floofy cats very interesting. Ok, maybe you are a bit ahead. But we don't want to hurt Prince's feelings by voting (our mom is always worried about hurting peoples feelings, and she is the one who would have to click the poll thingy for us and we know she would feel bad - she is a little crazy like that).

  2. Our mummy won't vote either, she wants to snuggle you both!