lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010


YESSSSSSSS!!! I knew it, I'm the most handsome of the house. I got 11 votes vs. Prince, that had only 7. And I'm suspecting that he forced some people to vote for him. I'm still trying to find out who changed their vote and if someone voted more than once. Well, anyway, I'm not gonna be all stressed about that because, at the end of the day, I AM THE WINNER!
Prince: Yeah, yeah...
Piru: Oh, you're around. Did you come to congratulate me?
Prince: Not really, I came to eat.
Piru: Anyway, what do you have to say as been the defeated.
Prince: You know? I don't care. No, seriously, I really don't. Do you know why? Because I have a healthy self-esteem. I don't need any survey or anyone to tell me if I'm handsome or not because I know I am. So, do you need a statement? Here it is: (shows his paw).
Piru: Oh, my!
A voice: Piru and Prince!
Piru and Prince: What? Who's there?
A voice: You are brothers. You two know that you love each other and care for the other one. If that's not the case, why did Prince defended you when that cat came to hurt him? And Piru, why did you..., well, you always...., ummmm, I mean, you do..... Anyway, you got accustomed to Prince. You are family, even you like it or not. And I know that both of you want to make your Mom happy, is this correct or not?
Piru and Prince: Yes!
A voice: Then, make peace between you two and behave.
Prince: I suppose I can do that.
Piru: All right, I think I can do that, too.
A voice: Glad to hear you agree with me. Bye.
Prince: Who was that voice?
Piru: I don't know. But, forget it. Do you want to go celebrate my victory?
Prince: I don't think so.
Piru: Well, then, just hang out at the front yard.
Prince: That seems all right.

A voice: And then, Piru and Prince went to the front yard to relax a little bit before Mom calls them to eat. It was a beautiful afternoon. Most of the sky was blue, but just a few little clouds that let go some light showers to cool the temperature. The wind was coming from north and bringing also a shower of little yellow leaves, each one with a drop of rain that, with the reflection of the sun, seemed like floating diamonds. It was perfect: fresh air, cool temperature, the smell of flowers and two strange dogs coming down the street...


Some days are hard to be all Ola kala!

3 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations on being the winner. he he - I knew you'd pull it off.

  2. Well, we are glad that the two of you settled your differences and are getting along now. We hope that you keep that in mind in the future. Like we have said before, you are both beautiful and special in your own ways!

  3. I'm glad you won but the voice is right, you should try to get along. I know it's not always easy but you should try.