viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Dirt and dew

Hi, everybody! It's been a while... Mom has been working A LOT and doesn't allow me to get even near the computer. She's giving a lot of classes and is in a lot of committes at work. I don't like when she works too much, it's less time for me. But, I know I have to sacrifice a little, someone has to go out and earn prawn's money (I learned it from my friend Albert the Cat).

Since I don't have the access to the computer, I have to find things to do between naps. And because of that, Mom thinks that I've been a little naughty lately. You know, it's just a natural thing: I like to roll in the dirt! But, since my hair is long, it tends to grab everything, so I come home with my fur full of straws, dirt and all those things. Mom doesn't like that and begins to scold me and tries to comb me. But, as you know, I hate to be combed, so she sends me back out.

What Mom doesn't understand is that I don't just roll in the dirt, it has scientific purposes. Yeah, you can believe it! As a natural botanist, I like to watch closely the marvelous things that happen in the earth. In the grass there are tiny wonders that happen and develop everyday. All kinds of tiny insects, like ants and spiders doing their daily chores, and many others. This week I found something that I didn't notice before and is a beautiful thing. The dew leaves what looked like a fragile and transparent film in little areas of the grass. If you touch them they disappear instantly. I looked closely and found out that it's like an intricate knit of tiny drops that stay together with this almost invisible string. It looks beautiful with the camera zoom!Have you ever notice that in your homes?

Don't waste the opportunity to stop once in a while and look for a minute at some of the tiny wonders that happen around us.

Oh, no. Now I have dirt and I'm wet, too. Well, all for science's sake.

Ola kala!

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  1. Oh that sounds like fun to roll in the grass! And it seems like a great way to explore too!

    We have never seen anything like in that picture - of course we are inside cats, so that is probably why!