domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010


I decided to do a survey right here on my blog. This is why: One of Mom's friend asked her who do she thinks is more handsome, me or my brother Prince? I thought she was going to answer right away. BUT, NO, SHE DIDN'T! She began to look at both of us in complete silence. I said: "well, what are you waiting for"? But, of course, all she heard was: "miau mrrrrawrrrlll meaurrrr?" Prince told me that she can't decide because she loves us both equally. Bananas! I want a straight answer and I want it now! So, since she can't decide for herself, we are gonna fight for it. Each of us is gonna present the reasons why we think each one deserves to be called "the most handsome one". And I am sure that all of my furry friends will vote for me.
Prince: "Ejem..."
Piru: "I mean, for the best (for me, for me).

Here we go.

First competition: Eyes

Piru: "I have a deep look."
Prince: "I have a romantic look."

Second competition: Characteristics
Piru: "I have brains".
Prince: "I have muscles".
Third competition: Style
Piru: "I'm very stylish".
Prince: "I'm elegant".
Fourth competiton: Watchman
Piru: "I like to sit in front of the house looking for strangers."
Prince: "Hey, isn't that the place where the other day a cat came and gave you a beating?"
Piru: "Shut up, you blabber!"
Prince: "Yeah, I had to run out to defend you, don't you remember?"
Piru: "We aren't talking about that now. The competition is closed."
Okey, my furry friends, now is time for you to vote. The survey is at the top right side of the blog. Remember that you should be impartial. And remember that I love you and that you are all my friends.

Ola kala!

5 comentarios:

  1. Rumblemum here... there is totally no way to choose, you both have me swooning over how beautiful you are!!!

  2. In my eyes you are both so very handsome! But I told my mom to vote anyway.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog.

  3. I have given you an award. If you haven't received it and would like it you can pick it up on my blog.

  4. You are both too beautiful! I can't choose just one! SMOOOOCH!

  5. I just can't do it cuz you are both so handsome. No want to hurt the other's feelings.