miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Tutorial: "How to Take a Bath" (Dog Version), by Liah

Hello, Piru's friends.  As you know, I'm Liah, Piru's sister.  I'm the house's Princess, but even that privilege position doesn't free me from frecuently baths.  So, today, I'll share with you the bath process, my version.

FIRST: You have to catch the unsuspected victim, I mean, me.

SECOND: You have to remember to not let the shampoo get into the eyes.

THIRD: Don't let water get into the ears either.

FOURTH: While bathing, say supporting words to your dog, been wet takes away some of our pride.

FIFTH: Begin the drying process with the face, please.

Are we done, yet?

SIXTH: With long hair, use the blower in the cool setting.

SEVENTH: Dry the entire coat, even behind ears.

Oh, I'm already tired.

A fluffier me!

See how my hair moves?  Feels like I'm brand new!
 Well, that's all.  Now, if you excuse me I have to sleep for the rest of the day.  This bath leave me exhausted.

Ola kala!

4 comentarios:

  1. Hi Liah - it was so nice of your brother to share his bloggy with you. You are a bootiful girl and oh so floofy now dst you has had your bath. I guess it doesn't look too bad to get a bath, but I'm still happy I don't ever has to have one.

  2. Oh, I hate baths! But at least I don't have long hair (or hardly any hair) so I dry very quickly and without the blower!

  3. Liah,
    You must feel and smell so good after your bath; my human would never dare to try to give me a bath.
    Jake the red tabby

  4. Aww bless. I like the step by step. Wish I could use it on cats but, I don't think so..........