jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

The Furry Family

Hello! Oh, I'm thrilled with my new blog! I told mom about it and she began to take photographs of all of us. She says that the first thing that I have to do is present my family. Well, I'm not sure about that. But I'm going to do it anyway, but very briefly. After all, the blog is about me, right?
So, I'm going to talk about my 7 stepbrothers and stepsisters. I live with 4 of them and the other 3 live with my grandpas.

This is me (of course, I have to be the first one). I'm Pirulo Furry, the most beautiful and intelligent pet in this house. I'm 7 years old. As you can see, I'm not fat, I'm husky with big bones and long hair. I have a deep look and my beautiful blue eyes are very expressive. Although I don't speak as humans do, mom always understands my meows and knows what I want. I have her well trained.

This is my stepbrother, Prince. He's 5 years old. He looks charming, but he has a different temperament than me. He hates to travel in the car and really- really hates the vet. Although, mom says he's a romantic because he likes to stop and smell the flowers. When he arrived to my home, I didn't want him, so mom had to maintain us separated for almost 3 months. I have to make a confession: because I didn't want him when he was little, I gave him some wrong instructions trying to make mom throw him away. That's why even today, when Prince goes to the litter box, he always dig first, but not after doing his business, so his stuff stays exposed. Oh, mom gets mad, but I'm glad. Ji, ji.

This one is one of my 4 doggy stepsis. This is Liah, the second youngest of all. She's a 3 years old shih-tzu. Mom says she's a pure breed because she has papers. To my knowledge, all dogs need papers, specially if it's raining and can't come out to do their business. Anyway, until Liah came to the house I always slept with mom in her bed, with my own pillow. But now, Liah sleeps there and don't leave me any space. I'm not mad at her for this, really, mostly because now I have my own space, my Fun Park. I'll talk about it another day.

This is Kala, a 13 years old mix. Oh, I'm afraid of her, she really has a temper. She's humble when mom scold her, but she's very territorial and doesn't want me anywhere near her area. Although she's aggressive with intruders, Kala almost dies with the sound of thunderstorms and explossions.

Piccola is the oldest pet in the house, she's an 18 years old chihuahua. She can't hear, see or smell well and sleeps most of the time. But, I don't know how she does it, she walks in the backyard almost half an hour twice a day, in the morning and after dinner. Because there are stairs in the house, mom has to be extra careful with her. I think Piccola doesn't know that I exist, but at least doesn't bother me, either.

The next three ones live with my grandpa and grandma in another city. I don't get to see them and don't know them well, but mom always tell me the news about them.

Dali is the son of Piccola and is a mix chihuahua. He's 11 years old and a patient of cancer. I was sorry he was very sick. But grandpa decided to give him a chance to live and pay a very expensive operation and treatment. He's almost ok now, but he's obese, so he can't run like when he was young. In spite of his health problems, Dali still likes to play with his squiky toys.

Michi is a beautiful calico cat whose favorite hobby is birdwatching. There's a spot, that grandma calls "the office", near the bird feeder where Michi spends most of the day. Grandma rescued Michi from a neighbor that didn't pay attention to her. She was very very skinny the first time she came near the house. Grandmas' dogs always barked at Michi, but because grandma began to put food for her, Michi decided that she was going to live there. With hisses and scratches, Michi gained the dogs respect and now she lives happy with them.

The last one is the youngest one. Uma is a mix doggy that has too much energy. She's only 10 months old and she was rescued, too, from mom's work. Her story is sad, but I'm not gonna tell it now. I'll only say that Uma was lucky mom decided to take her and her sister, who was later given to another family. Now she's the fun of the house and the guardian; oh, she barks really loud.

Well, that's the Furry Family. Now you know. Can we talk about me from now on?

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